Sunday, May 9, 2010

Allow me to entertain you with an outfit (kinda) and flowers

Note: I don't have a full length mirror anymore. It's on my TO BUY list.

For today I'm sharing....The lovely Anthropologie Chemise I bought last Tuesday. Can I just tell you- I LOVE it! Everything about it. The colors, the fit, the way it hugs my boobs (lol!) Not that anyone will ever see it unless they come over to my house during the afternoon/evening, but I enjoy feeling sexy even by my lonesome.

P.S. LOL. What is WITH the bird finger?? Sorry, guys. I have no idea how I managed to do that.

More outfits in later posts....

These days I'm into beautifying my yard and home. Allow me to show you via photos what I've done so far....

Rocking chairs, monogram flag and new planter with Celosia's :-)

The newest addition- My small, but very cute, flower bed in the backyard.

Planter on the front porch which houses Celosias. I LOVE these. I hope they grow taller!!


Lovely Hydrangea bush! He's gotten so big in just two short weeks! (you like how I call my flowers/bushes have a gender? "He's")

RUNNING UPDATE: Question for all you you have a better time outside than on a treadmill?

I thought that maybe my time/distance on the treadmill would be better than my time outdoors, but it's the exact opposite! My time outside is actually pretty damn OK. My best time indoors for 3 miles has been 38:31. Outdoors? 36:00. Why is this? Aren't treadmills supposed to "help" you more with the automatic moving belt and all that jazz? I'm thinking it's because I push myself more outside- it's more fun, more stuff to see, etc.

I ran inside today. 3 miles in 40:00. I wasn't going for time today, rather just distance. Since I wasn't trying to kill myself I was running faster at some points. Just testing out different methods.

This weekend is the Bachelorette party- after the bridal shower I'm less than thrilled to be traveling 5 hours to Savannah to hang out with people who are cold and boring. *sigh* I'm going to make the most of it, however and try to have some fun- and enjoy it as MUCH as feasibly possible. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts.........errrr.

Lawd have anyone on the edge of their seat during these last few episodes of LOST?? I am!! It's been awhile since LOST has done that for me. Last week was SO freaking sad. SO sad. Too bad I couldn't relish in the sadness. My friend Marion, whom I love dearly, doesn't watch LOST- she was visiting and I made her watch with me...I could REALLY tell she was getting into it, and I tried to explain as much as I possibly could to her (you all know trying to describe LOST details is like trying to explain what the color red looks like to someone who's been blind their whole life ...), but when the gang crashed on the beach and Jack told everyone Sun and Jin didn't make it, and the camera panned to Hurley....

"Dude. 'Ole boy hasn't said a word this entire show. Does he speak? His hair is UGLY!"- Marion

That's when Hurley started to cry.

That cracked our shit up.

"Marion! That's sad. Look! Now he's CRYING! And you were making fun of his hair."- Me

Had to be there. :-)

Everyone have a great Monday evening- I'm looking forward to LOST tomorrow.


Kimberly said...

Your house is so cute! I love all the flowers! Love the outfit too!!

Anonymous said...

That chemise is amazing on you! Love all of the pretty Spring Flowers at Casa de Pretty Face, very impressive! Especially because mine were dead within a week :(
Love, love the hydrangea!

spiffy said...

yep, I'm faster outside too. I think it's because I am just so darn happy not to be on a treadmill :)
such pretty flowers! I'm jealous!

Brittany said...

I LOVEEE the Chemise. So cute! :-)

Your house is so home-y ; definitely welcoming :-) I think you've done a great job on it so far! (I can see your reflection in your windows lol)

Keep up the running :-) You're going to be at your goal in no time!

Robin said...

Yayyyy for the chemise! Let me tell you (and I hope this doesn't sound....weird....) but you and I have VERY similar body types. The chemise looks almost exactly the same on me as it does you.

I've already worn it 2 nights in a row, and my boyfriend loves it.

Love the photos - the chemise is darling, perfect for drinking a glass of wine and watching a movie in the evenings. Your curb appeal is pretty amazing too, I was wondering which buds you'd chose.

prettyface said...

Thank you guys- I'm glad you all think the flowers turned out well-- I can't wait to do more to the front, side and backyards!

Carolina- My thoughts, chemise, movie. Yes, please!

Robin- The chemise is so darn sexy! It makes me wish I had a boyfriend just for the simple fact that I wanna prance around in it around him. LOL

Brittany- LOL Yup- first thing I said when I uploaded the photo was.."Dangit. You can see me in the reflection! "

Spiffy- Definitely- I've learned to love outdoor running WAY more than treadmill work- as long as my knee continues to agree with me :-)

Andi- :-) Made my day! Thank you sweetie!

Kimberly- Thank you so so much!!

Sportsgirl said...

Love your house and the flowers!! So pretty!!

Rockin' the chemise!!

I think outside is better because you aren't going at one constant speed and you have down hills that go quicker. I'd rather run outside if there is a nice scenery!

Kelly said...

Aww, love your house and the new decorations, adorable!! LOST is the best show ever. Last week's episode was very sad you're right, but soo good. I still can't believe it's going to be over soon. Craziness. Can't wait for tonight's episode!! :-D

Kathleen said...

I love all the flowers. I'm so not a gardening person but I love to look at them.

Re: running - I always run better outside than on the treadmill. The treadmill is my absolute running foe - I bought one more than two years ago, but seriously would rather run in 0 degree temperatures in a foot of snow than use it! I wouldn't get too bogged down with your time just yet - you are building up endurance now. Ideally you should be running slow enough to carry on a full conversation. Then you can build speed from there. The first time I ran 8 miles it took me about two hours (that's 15 minute miles!) - now I can do 8 miles in less than 1.5 hours. Just be patient - it will happen!

Genesis said...

i love all the flowers around your house and your place is really cute.

i prefer outside running than treadmill. treadmill makes the run seem longer, but if youre doing speedwork the treadmill is the way to go.

Jessica said...

I've never been to Anthropologie, but I'm thinking I definitely have to check it out!!

I like running outside better because it keeps me more entertained, but I find it easier to go further & faster on a treadmill. Then again, I'm not a great runner anyway... just a beginner.

And all those flowers you planted are adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers! We planted some this weekend. I love blue hydrangeas. Those were the flower we used in the wedding.

I had to skim the end there as i'm behind on lost - tonight is catch up time - yay!

In the meantime the in between time - LOVING that anthro dress - looks awesome and you and clearly you feel badass enough in to flick us off. Fabulous! And make the best of the b-party - call Lindsey Adkison - she can randomly bump into you and be your best buddy while the bitches carry on!

Katie ♥ said...


First off I love the dress!!!!!!!!! So pretty! And I love that your flicking us all off!! lol!! THats funny!!

I Love your house!! Its so pretty!! I want to come visit!!

LOST is my fave show ever!!!!!! My fiance and I LOVE LOST!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo funny you said about explaining it to someone who has never watched it, I feel the same way, it is way to hard to explain, hell I watched every season and every episode so far and I still dont know what the hell is going on, lol!!!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun this weekend, positive thoughts positive thoughts!!! And take pics!!!!!!!!!

Um... I think my times are surprisingly similar (Treadmill running vs. outside).

If I push my pace on the treadmill, my outside running pace gets faster.

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