Thursday, May 13, 2010

Green Chested Divo. Keep reading.

Ima Divo

Last week, Tuesday, I started having "chest pains". (Note that chest pains is in quotations) I was a little leery because as you can imagine the thing immediately running through my mind was, "OMG. I'm too young to have a heart attack!" I figured it wasn't any such thing, but you can never be too sure. I went to bed and everything was fine the next morning. I didn't feel any pain again until last night- It HURT, man. The pain is dull and starts toward the top of my boob and kinda encircles it, if you will.

That was it- I resorted to what I do best- Internet self-diagnosis. I typed in any and all symptoms I had (which wasn't very many) into Google. I couldn't pinpoint what it was and seriously thought something just might be wrong with my heart, but I wasn't out of breath at all, had no issues with breathing.

I came into work today and started palpating myself. I would be still and breathe in, lean this way or that way trying to determine where exactly the pain was emitting from. I was in pain especially when I leaned forward and stretched out my arms and kinda "hunched" over.

Finally I was talking with a woman/friend in the office and she said the same thing happens to her. She even went to the doctor's because she too, thought she was having some sort of crazo heart attack.

Long story short- it was just an overworked/sprained muscle in her chest. I'm not saying that's what mine is, but more than likely? Yes.

This makes me feel better anyway. I popped two Aleve's and the pain is gone. Thank God. It's the little things. Haha.

Now wasn't that a great story? Obviously I'm a bored blogger today.

Running Progress: Today I ran/jogged/walked the longest distance I've ever done in ONE setting. 4 miles=51:15. I didn't care about the time, I just wanted to push myself past my comfort zone. At about mile 3.5, my chest and throat started to get tight and it was harder to breathe. Stupid lungs. haha

I only walked for maybe 10-12 minutes the entire 51 minutes. The rest of the time was a slight jog (4.5-5.5 mph) and a run at the very end (6.0).

A few days ago I finally tried out the infamous Green Monster shake that every food blogger on the internet absolutely RAVES about. Here's what I've been outing into mine:

Two handfuls of spinach leaves
2 tablespoons flax seed oil
1 tablespoon of White Chocolate Peanut butter
1 frozen banana
1/4 cup rolled old fashioned oats
1 teaspoon of sugar-free vanilla pudding mix (powder!)
1/2 skim milk
1/2 cup to 1 cup of water (depends on how thick/thin you want the consistency)

Blend it all together and this is what ya get:

I'm pleased with it- Not to gross anyone out, but it has FO SHO given me more roughage in my diet. I am allll about some fiber!!

I leave you with photos of my baby. He's fury, cute and lovable and loves to work on his highlights out in the sun. :-) BAHAH!

* Is he winking in this pic? Yeah. Pretty sure he is ;-)


Katie said...

Glad your feeling better!
And I used to drink green monsters every morning and then one day I stopped...but your recipe makes me want to try it again!

Does the addition of the pudding make it sweeter and easier to go down? (I remember I used to have to just chug as fast I could!)

And does the oil add a noticeable taste? Or keep you fuller longer??


Robin said...

LOVE HIM!!! Keep up that good running!

prettyface said...

Katie- What exactly went into your Green Monster that you had to chug fast?? LOL I know there are SOOOOO many variations, but remind me never to make the one you did. ;-)

I find that adding some of the sugar free pudding mix makes it creamier-not sweeter. The Flax seed oil is TASTELESS!! And great for you! Can't go wrong!

Anonymous said...

So glad you're ok!
Your shake looks and sounds so healthy :)

Brittany said...

Glad to know you're ok!

I'm really going to have to try this shake since everyone and their mom but me has tried it!!

And your man Brady is so stinkin' cute. He's definitely winking in the last picture.

I wish you had your email set up so I could email back whenever you leave a comment on my blog!! If you wanna know how, just email me and I'll tell you. Unless you have it this way on purpose lol

Genesis said...

aw, i love your dog. sometimes i get boob pains and then i think i have breast cancer. totally normal to freak out about pains.

great job on the run even though you had those pain.

Yum that combo sounds good, I didn't know white chocolate peanut butter was even existed!
So glad you're ok, please get checked out by an MD if it continues though!!!

Kimberly said...

Your baby is adorable!

Girl!!! I am so with you on your "chest pains"!!! I do the self diagnosis via Google so often and scare myself every time!! I wore a dress that was too tight on my chest for about 8 hours and that night I was having "chest pains" and was afraid to go to sleep in case I didn't wake up!!!! Hahaha. Craziness.

Your dog is such a cutie!!! :)

Katie said...

lol, I put in milk, frozen banana, and a TON of spinach! Thanks for the info on the pudding mix and oil!

Kathleen said...

I get the exact same "chest pains" and my immediate reaction is always: heart attack! I went to the doctor about five times last year and he finally said my biggest problem was anxiety because one ache should not convince you that you are dying!

Yay re: 4 miles. Good for you! And like you said - the time isn't important. Just get your body comfortable traveling the distance and the speed will come!

way to go on the GM!! They are really good with stuff like peaches to make them much sweeter and it's so awesome to get all those greens so early in the day

I can't believe that I just added flaxseed oil to my grocery list. Guess its time to get adventurous. :)

There's some phobia where if you Google illnesses it makes you more alarmed than before you started Google-ing them...I read a really interesting article about it. And that search engines have yet to sort "hits" by likelihood.

For example if you Google "headache" as one of your symptoms...."brain tumor" pops up near the top of results although more than likely that is NOT what a person is suffering from.

Sorry to hear about the chest pains, I think sometimes my sternum will get sore after a long run. Anything can really. Usually soreness goes away after a couple days.

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