Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goin' to the chapel and she's...gonna get maaaaaaried.

The Bride (light up penis veil and all) and I (loving those jello shooters. LEMME tell ya!).

HEEEYYYY ladies! So, as you all know, bachelorette party for Amanda was this weekend at Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar. I'm happy to report back that obviously the other 3 bridesmaids must have taken a "let loose and become more friendly" pill. They were the girls I first met 5 or so years ago when Amanda moved from our high school to theirs. Back then I thought they were awesome and I think they may have just rubbed me the wrong way during the bridal shower a few weeks ago. ANYWAY, it's said and done and we all had a fun weekend!

That being said- I tried a wedding makeup look tonight to prepare for the big day. As maid of honor it's my duty to look brootiful for the bride's photos. LOL! Right? Right.

What I Was Going For: a soft, youthful early evening wedding look. Didn't want to go too dramatic as I feel this would draw attention away from the bride.

Here's the result: I think it looks fine, but mine definitely doesn't look like tutorial I followed. :-( BOO!! BIG BOO. I think it's because the crease color isn't dark enough as it was in the video. Note taken.....darken the crease some more. Other than you think this looks OK for the wedding? Too light? Too something else? I want it to show up on camera in photos, so I'm thinking MORE dark. Feedback please.

I'm exhausted, so I'm cutting this short. I'm hoping this week will be a productive one for my running (i.e. Do more than last week). PLUS Anthropologie is having their twice a year supah sale Tuesday morning!!! So excited about TONS of markdowns!! :-)

Love ya!!


Brittany said...

Ok, I can only imagine what the rest of the bachelorette pictures looked like! haha. Glad you were all about to get along.

I think you did a fabulous job on the makeup!! I like it :-) It's simple and just enough to make your eyes look great!

Genesis said...

love love LOVE the make up. its so simple yet makes a statement and really brings out your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love that piano bar! I didn't know you were in that area-how fun! My husband is from that neck of the woods.

You look amazing! Simply gorgeous! I agree with the crease color being a bit darker, I would also add some more color underneath your lower lash line (just a bit!) Beautiful and glowy!

I like it alot! I think if you darken the crease like you said it will make it just drastic enough!! :-) glad you had a fun weekend.

I love the make up too - you rock!! Glad you girls had so much fun and that the girls took that fabulous pill!! Jell-o shots make me smile!!

Katie said...

I love the makeup too! I would darken the crease and add false eyelashes and then its perfect for wedding pictures!

For my brothers wedding the makeup artist put so much dark eyeshadow on but in pictures it looked amazing and really showed off my eyes.

Looks you had ALOT of fun! I love bach parties!!

Blossom said...

You look gorgeous as usual! I think you could do the eyes dark like you did for the bachlorette party...don't worry, not much can take away from the bride, even if you ARE gorgeous like you!! Glad you had a good time!

Love the pic of you and the bride-to-be!!

I think your makeup looks great. Darkening the crease color will give it a little more color and look perfect.

Michélle said...

You look sooo beautiful! :)

Robin said...

Love the eyes! I wish I was good at doing makeup. But I'm definitely NOT! I'd love to learn how to do my eyes. I know I can watch tutorials, but it never works out right.

Did you pick up anything from the sale?? I posted what I bought up on mine. I wish you'd post more, I love reading your blog!

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