Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is the end....

A psychic told me once (long, really.) that I was going to marry a rich man. Where the hell is he? Just sayin'.

LOST last night? OH so good, I thought. I seriously find myself on the EDGE of my couch lately watching it. I can't believe it's ending Sunday and I'm so glad I decided to pick back up and watch it last season- Dude, seriously. After those middle seasons of NO answers and just everyone running around the jungle, I was getting pissed off royally- and quit watching.

I have nothing in particular to talk about- Mostly because I'm f'ing drained. I'm so tired and honestly could have went to be an hour ago. I'm headed that way now.

Oh, so, yeah...remember how I mentioned Anthropologie was having a big sale for this Tuesday's sale day? Mmmm yeahhhh. If you follow other Anthro Lover cult blogs as I do religiously, you'll also see they agree when I say the sale was BLAH. It was BULP. Nothing I wanted was on sale. I did buy this ONE top that miraculously I've been wishlisting for awhile now. yay for Prevailing Winds Tank.

My Firefox favorites are overflowing with recently favorited fashion items I have my eye on, so I'll be back maybe tomorrow...maybe Friday, with a buncha cute things I'm drooling over.

My ass is crawling into bed and hopfully getting in 3 miles under my belt in the morning before work.....

Goodnight blog land. :-)


Blossom said...

I am sad about Lost ending, yet hopeful and excited to get some answers! Can't wait til Sunday!

Robin said...

Thank you for posting! :) I had a tiring day, too, and I just napped for 3 hours. Oops.

I love LOST, but it conflicted with 90210, so I have not watched it since the second or third episode this season. I'm going to have to take a day this weekend and catch up so I can watch the finale along with everybody else.

Sleep well! I love your new top!

Lindsay said...

I am new to your blog! I LOVE it so fun to read. Love that its about everything :)

Lost is on my nerves too - grrr.

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