Sunday, May 23, 2010

Goodbye, LOST. You confused me, but I loved you.

For all you LOST fans out there- tonight's the night. You may wanna get ready for Monday before 6 p.m. CST, because it's gonna be a looooong night, what with the long finale and Jimmy Kimmel's LOST show tonight. Do you think I'm gonna miss the alternate endings? negative.

LOST wasn't and isn't my all-time favorite show on TV (Hello! Dawson's Creek?! HAHA- I'm not kidding, really.) but throughout the seasons it's kept me intrigued and guessing and this is why I love it. Unpredictability. Sawyer has to be my favorite character. I love his sarcasm and smart-ass one-liners. How can you not love his most-used, "Son of a bitch!".....

Let's Talk Clothes- I was trying on dresses the other day, trying to decide on one for my friend's rehearsal dinner- I was reminded how much I freaking HATE side zippers on dresses. I have big boobs and broad shoulders. I'm sturdy, put it that way. My bones could probably never be broken- which is a great thing, but not so great when you're trying to fit your ribcage into a dress. LOL

Even at my smallest, side zippers were my enemy. Obviously you can't trim down your rib bones in order to shrink your upper body. ARGH!!
What are your clothing pet peeves? What types of closures on clothing just don't work for your body type?

I'm curious to know what issues other people have.

WISHLIST: Here are sopme of the current things on my wishlist. Among tons of other crap.

No, I STILL haven't broken down and bought J. Crew's Bow Monde dress. *Sigh*

Calvin Klein's Cross Strap Dress. I just love it. Love it.

J. Crew Pave Cable Link Bracelet. I like shiny stuff.

Anne Klein's Anise Peep Toie Slingback. Love the nude. Love the heel (go to and view it from all angles.)
Guess Nail Heels- I think these are skankalicious, but not too skank that they can't be sexy. I've been lusting for these for awhile now.
I'm stopping here so that I can go for a run before I decide that's I'm just "not in the mood".


Blossom said...

I love that black and white dress! Oh yes, I will be watching ALL of Lost tonight! Luckily it's a holiday in Canada tomorrow, so I don't care how late I'm up!

Anonymous said...

Sawyer is my fave too, he reminds me of my husband kind of--the Southern street-smart bad boy...yum! LOL.
I haven't watched LOST for the past few seasons but will watch the finale tonight, I figure I can't be any more confused than anyone else is, right?!

That pave bracelet is amazing, I am off to find it now too :)
Good for you running, I ran three times last week and love how much firmer everything feels already. xoxo

Veronika said...

both of those dresses are sooo cute! I hate side zippers too because I have bigger boobs and a smaller waist so sometimes the proportions of dresses are off. My other clothing pet peeve is stuff that is too short! Not everyone is 5'2 people!

Robin said...

I can't wait for the finale!!! I have watched all seasons of LOST, but fell short this season because it competed with 90210/Glee and I chose the more mindless stuff. 90210's Liam is the most gorgeous man alive.

ANYWAY, I found myself on Friday with 12 episodes to watch by this afternoon. Since Friday evening, I've watched 9. I'm on the west coast, so I still have a good 7 hours to watch the last 3, so I'll be good. It conflicts with the Celebrity Apprentice finale, though! Ugh!

Sawyer has always been my favorite, too- for the same reasons you mentioned.

And yes, side zippers SUCK! I have broad shoulders and am sturdy as well, and I always say there's no way I'd get Osteoporosis because my bones aren't going anywhere! There would be too much to lose! I really want the Salty Seas Dress (side zipper), but I haven't been able to try on the 14 in-store and the 12 doesn't zip up on my I really hope it fits!!!

Robin said...

oh and p.s....I swear I saw that Calvin Klein dress (or a Calvin Klein one VERY similar) at Marshall's a few weeks ago.

spiffy said...

I hear ya lady! I have broad shoulders and no boobage- so I have to size up to fit my man back/shoulders but then the front is baggy and often hangs too low. Side zippers are bad for me too :(
How are things going with the running?

Ugh my butt is way bigger then my waist. Which makes finding a pair of jeans almost impossible. I'm one size in the waist and one size bigger in the butt. This totally throws off measurements when i get fitted because they give me the bigger size, which then leaves the chest area too big, especially with strapless. I usually never have the money to get it altered either.

A. said...

I am not a fan of side sip closures either. But my biggest clothing pet peeve is the CAP SLEEVE! Ugh, so unflattering. I really don't like showing armpit lol!

I'm still not sure how I feel about Lost. A lot made me happy and a lot is still not clear to me which pisses me off! haha That CK dress is stunning!

I also run into trouble with side zippers. It's annoying when a dress would fit otherwise, but luckily most everyday dresses don't have these.

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