Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I feel it- those blah's again!

I'm having a really blah sorta day- I know we all have them, but I really dislike them damnit. Let's just stop having blah days. Can we all agree to that? Easier said than done. Maybe if I just didn't think so much, I'd be happier more often. But I think waaay too much about everything. That can be good- that can be bad. And now I'm rambling.

9 days until Christmas? Are you serious? I still have two more things left to buy, not so bad. Payday is tomorrow, so my hard earned money will go towards bills (yay) and those two presents. Ina few paydays I'll be pushing "send" online to make my first mortgage payment. It's exciting! At least it's not being flushed down the drain for rent :-)

It's been flood city where I live in the Southeast. Thankfull not anywhere close to where my house is, but in parts of the state. Today was sunny, however and it looks like it's going to turn cool! I love chilly weather- oh, but more rain this weekend.

I spent the better part of today watching "Shakira: Oral Fixation Tour On-Demand". LOL. Don't ask me how I stumbled into the on-demand area of my TV, but I'm glad I did. I always knew I loved Shakira and her hip shakin' moves, but now I really love her- this happens when I watch live performances of artists- I fall in love. Her voice is amazing- and that hair of hers? GORGEOUS! And her body is banging- all curvy and stuff. She's definitely one of my girl crushes. Do me a favor and go download her song "Inevitable". Yes, it's sung in espanol but it's one of my favorite songs by her. So beautiful. haha SHAKIRA SHAKIRA!

You should hear me when it comes on my ipod- I start singing it (or trying to) in spanish right along with her- I guess I have the words memorized by now. My friends love to laugh at that.

Tomorrow is office Christmas party complete with Dirty Santa and food. Speaking of which I need to get to making my Chicken and Artichoke Dip- first time I've ever made it, but sounds delicious. I'll post photos later if I decide it's worthy-looking :-)

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my blah day. I need a good Christmas movie to watch to perk me up....


Frugalista said...

That's exactly how I got my girl crush on Beyonce! I saw her in concert live and was just so impressed by her amazing dancing and singing talent. And, to find out that she is just as gorgeous in person as she appears to be on TV.

you are going to make some amazing dip- I am sure everyone is going to think you're a domestic goddess.

a fun fyi- shakira is a little bitty like us- she's 4'11. somehow I find that empowering and motivational when I workout, though you might too :)



prettyface said...

hee hee I'm 5'10- no where near her cute 4'11 frame! :-)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE beyonce!! shes my fav!! i love her new look :)

Christmas came super fast this year, it's crazy!

I love Shakira! Totally one of my girl crushes, too. I even got into belly dancing because of her. ;)

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