Sunday, December 20, 2009

[i had to be a dog lover]

Today I was looking out my window and what do I see? A Chihuahua-ish dog roaming around my yard- and at first I thought maybe it was the neighbors- so I sat back down with my own Brady and watched more TV. After awhile I decided to give him a treat, just for fun you know...He ate it happily (sweet thing) and then went and laid in a sunny spot of my yard...He has a collar and tag, so he belongs to someone- and he wasn't leaving. I couldn't bare to let him stay out in the cold, especially tonight when the lows are supposed to be 28!! Eeeekkk!!!

So being the nice, kind dog lover I am, brought him in and set him up a place to sleep for the night, until I can call the vet on his tag. I haven't named him- just been calling him Dog. LOL. I almost feel kinda guilty- what if his owners live on this street and are looking for him? Then I realized I was doing the right thing. The vet can look him up and get him to his right home :-)

Brady isn't so sure about him, though. They get a long fine and Dog minds really well (better than spoiled ass Brady, even!), but I'm pretty sure Brady has a jealous streak in him...tsk tsk!

So last night I went to a bonfire at a friends house- here are a few photos that make me giggle. These guys are FREAKING ridiculous and hilarious- if you couldn't tell from the photo.

I hate that work is tomorrow- luckily I only have to go in TWO days! WOO HOO! And the only other day I work in the year of '09 is the 29th- the rest I'm off. Whatever will I do with my time? ;-) I can think of lots of things I could do besides work. haha

Hope you all have a great Monday!


awww your so nice for bringing the dog in!! my sister brought in a dog that looked just like that one once... and it was the devil!!!!! We found him on the table eating our food. then it ran away and we actually found it and brought it back! then my dad gave it to my uncle without telling him how horrible it was lol

GingerSnap said...

That is so sweet of you and I'm sure his owners will be SUPER grateful! I'm sure they are out looking for them, but just think how relieved they'll be when they get the news tomorrow that their furbaby is safe and sound! You definitely did the right thing! Please update us on the reunion!

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm April from Lizzy's blog ;) I like you lover, southern girl, fitness, and if you knew the Tommy Boy quote then you're alright with me :) Off to read your blog!

I recognize those guys FO SHO. haha

That is very sweet of you - I hope you've since found the owners!!

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