Monday, December 21, 2009

Anthropologie Addict

I've said this before in a post long, long ago- and several since, but my FAVORITE store ever, ever- is Anthropologie. It's weird, because a three years ago their style just wasn't...MY style- but I think my tastes have changed and their clothes have totally evolved. Work was sooo slow today, since everyone else who works for the government was off - except my office- why? Because we're the shit (bhaha). So because it was a slow work day I searched blogs for Anthropologie lovers and found a few blogs that make my heart melt. I'm serious. I didn't know bloggers like this existed, who were obsessed with Anthro as much as I am- We're talking reviews on how items fit, photos of how it looks on a REAL human being (not a posed model) and just overall helpful ideas and outfit tips. LOVE. Here are the few I found. if you love Anthro, PLEASE go visit their sites:


Anthropologie Addict

Anthropologie Aficianado

Effortless Anthropologie

I hate that Anthro is sooo expensive (read: first born child down payment), but somehow I manage to scrounge up $200 bucks and buy what I crave. Crazy? Perhaps. I am the first to admit my champagne taste on a beer budget ;-)

These sites inspired me to share a few items currently saved in my Anthro shopping bag- Do you guys love the store as much as I do? If so, what are some of the things you've had YOUR eye on?

Reverie Top - ($49.95)
This just screams classy and put-together in my opinion. Paired with a black pencil skirt, or simply comfy jeans and stilettos. LOVE!!

Sugar-On-Top Tank - ($78)
Super cute and casual. Would look awesome underneath a cute cardigan.
Snakebite belt - ($32.00)
This belt comes in three different colors, and if I like it enough- I'm getting the grey and black, too.

Carmen Tieback - ($79.95)
THIS photo does it no justice. Take a look at this review. Looks way cuter on!

Long Winter's Night Chemise - ($68.00)
How toasty and comfy does this look? I'd definitely wear it as a tunic top, though. Saw it on a blog worn as that - MUCHO LOVE!

Burlapp Rosette Dress (SOLD OUT ONLINE)
I actually snagged this baby on ebay. Sure, it was a teeny bit pricier than the last price on the website, but I was sad when it sold out so quickly. I love big details, and the mens pinstriped-esque skirt is darling!

As the Burlapp dress did, when things sell out on the website I get so sad. It's tought o place a dearly loved top or dress in your shopping bag for when you have the money to blow- come back - and it's SOLD OUT. Booo :( tee hee.

Everyone have a fantastic Monday evening. Tomorrow is my Friday and I couldn't be more thankful!

P.S. After the holidays my blogs will surely have more content on fitness, workouts, etc. For now, I'm just blogging freely :-)

P.P.S. I found the owners of my overnight guest (Chihuahua I found in my yard yesterday sunbathing!), and they live right down the street lol. They said Chico has gotten out before and comes back later. I just coulodn;t risk that poor baby not going back home, and sleeping in the cold. They came and got him tonight. I kinda miss him. :-(


Hey- I kinda like this blogging freely thing. I like hearing other things that you have to say too!

I have never heard of this store... but man.. I really do like the pictures you put on here.

WOW.. very expensive.. but.. prob. well worth it.

Thanks for sharing this! =)

prettyface said...

DD - Never heard of Anthro? OH go check them out. A few of these prices are SALE prices, even, so yeah. Pretty steep- but you can find a good deal here and there- and I promise even if you just buy cute staples or a dress here and there- you'll be hooked.

I'm absolutely obsessed with anthro, too... but it makes me sad that their sale prices are usually even more than I want to spend. However, I think their dresses are timeless and classic and TOTALLY pay for themselves (after a bit!). :) Love your style, girl!

Natalie said...

Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog- Im totally addicted to anthro too- and just got that reverie top in the mail, you should definitely get it, its really fantastic on, I love it!

Blair said...

I am in love with the sugar on top tank! Very cute stuff, oh and I love the belt!

Lovely items. I've been into the store so many times and haven't found anything that fits my style but when I see the anthropologie in magazines or single items on blog posts I love them. Giada de Laurentiis on Food network exclusively wears their line.

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