Friday, February 20, 2009

You're a womanizer baby!!!

Good Morning!!!
I need to add something to my "Spring Wants" from my previous blog, ok? Here it is:
I LOVE this whole look. Minus the clutch. Too....grass-ish for me. LOL. Polyvore is amazing, but I hate when I click on a look I like and either A.) The dress/top is freaking $400 plus or B.) It's out of stock. :-( Makes me sad. Thanks for The Watermelon Tree for finding this gorgeous spring chic look!
So, I was out the door with my gym bag and work clothes (jeans on Friday's) at 6:50 this AM, to hit the gym for about an hour before work. For some reason I can only get up and go to the gym in the mornings on Fridays...Probably all in my head --I'm happy it's Friday, etc etc. I really should try to start going in the morning's twice a week. It'll save me an hour AFTER work when I'm sleepier. Anyway--I feel GREAT! Here's what I did today. Not much, but it's something. better than what I priginally was going to do! (Read: NOTHING!)
10 minutes stair stepper machine (yikes!)
20 minutes walk/jog on treadmill (1.57 miles)
Leg Press, quad and hamstring machines.

Wanted to do more legs, but I started talking to the fitness center director, Marsha--and she loves to talk.

I'm in the office now, chowed down on half of a Met-RX Protein Plus bar and chugged some water. I told myself no wine/beer this weekend, but Saturday I may hang out with a few girlfriends, so.........impossible. I love my wine and drinks! As long as my eating stays under control, no reason why it shouldn't now that my Aunt Flo has left, I should be OK :0)
Happy Friday (FINALLY!!!!!!!!)


I'm totally with ya girl...Fridays are so much easier to get to the gym in the mornings! I did the same thing this AM!

PS I luv all your "spring wants"...makes me excited for it to get warm out and wear dresses, skirts, & shorts....and i'm hoping for a bikini :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh I like these spring items! I'm so ready for the warm weather... it's getting closerr!

I am just getting started on my workout program -
I hope I can keep up with it & stay motivated! Love your blog - very inspirational to me :)!

Heather said...

IN love with your spring wants. The whole look is fabulous.
I love reading your blog. I'm also trying to lose some weight and tone up. (Thank you college!) One bar that I love to eat is the Balance bar - my fav is Cookie Dough. target has em! You should try it. (esp good when Aunt Flo is around. Helps with my chocolate craving!)
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Muy bueno, eres preciosa y tus tetas son lo mas

prettyface said...

Yes, breasts are nice. Big too! HA I took 3 years of Spanish my friend....

Anonymous said...

I never looked at the prices (especially those j.crew jewerly)...oops:) I just picked stuff I have already gotten for this Spring or can dream of getting...the sandals are from Payless! I know, I was soo shocked when I saw those beauties! Have this weekend!!!

Just Me said...

I love your blog :) So is this oxygen mag really that good? I mean for someone trying to lose weight but not necessarily bulk up so much? im thinking i might do a subscription

Jamie said...

I can't resist wine and drinks either! Makes it hard on the diet BUT you are right... just keep the eating in check you will be ok!

Yay! I hope you're having a great weekend!! I think your Friday morning workout is great - don't be hard on yourself! :) Love the adds to your spring wants and agree on the grassishness that is that clutch. And I SO agree on Polyvore. I had to just make my own in PPT so as to avoid the sometimes hard pricetags that come along with pretty things!! Hope you're having fun with the girls!

hehe my 'word verifcation' was "chesti" - I laughed like a 12-year-old boy (who, like me, is not and never would be described as chesti!) LOL

Big Pissy said...

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!

Love your Spring wants~so pretty. That color will look good on you! :)

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