Monday, February 23, 2009

PrettyFace's long awaited food log

Didn't Britney look her sveltest during the 2000-2001 years? Geeze. She must have busted her butt in the gym for that body. She is definitely an inspiration for me to get in that gym, I tell you. I seriously glance at this photo every week or so.

I know I've been telling you all from the get-go I'd take photos and post a log of what I eat daily - Guess what? That never happened. I am, however, happy to let you all know I took pictures today of my typical daily meals. The reason I won't be taking photos everyday is because it basically stays the same. Now, don't get too excited after viewing these enticing photos. I know you'll want to run right to your kitchen and start preparing them, but refrain. Read my blog first :) (That was a big joke, as these meals are pretty boring and not fun to make.)

My "diet" is simple. Lots of protein, low carbs. Since joining the blogging community, I've been exposed to so many wonderful and delicious recipes and I strayed from what works for my body. I'm proud to say, I've been back on track for two solid days. HA! Don't go crazy on me. Everything you all make is wonderful and HEALTHY, but my body is stubborn so I have to watch my carbs, since I want to build lean muscle, and eat lots of protein. I do plan on trying new recipes here and there, and can even keep some of my latest ones (Cashew Chicken Stew! YAY!).

So, here's the first installment of.......

Breakfast: Luna's Vanilla Almond Sunrise bar. I strayed from the usual protein shake or egg white omelet, as I was in a hurry and was craving some susitance (spelling? hehehe). I freaking love this bar!!

Mid-Morning Snack: Salmon, 1/2 cup Broccoli and 1/3 cup Brown Rice. Sure it sounds like more than a snack, but not really. By the time lunch rolls around I'm hungry again. I know it looks a little ugly, but I swear it's good! I add tons of spices.

Lunch: Tilapia, 1/2 cup broccoli and 1/3 cup brown rice (or whatever other carb I'd like. Usually sweet potatos), Sugar Free Pudding. Are you seeing the trend? Lotsa fish.

Pre-Gym Snack: 1 serving Kashi TLC Crackers and chicken salad made with fat free miracle whip or mustard. I usually get more creative, but I was pressed for time.

Post-Gym: Strawberry Parillo Protein Shake w/frozen strawberry for fun. hehe

Dinner: Leftover chicken teriyaki with carrots and Fat Free Asian Seasame Dressing. SO GOOD. For dessert? Vita Brownie, baby. They are so good, no?

HEY!! This is *NOT* on the diet for today! tee hee. I didn't eat any, but I did this weekend and my friends -- it is grood.

Workout for today: 20 minutes on stair machine, 35 on treadmill, 15 minutes of upper body work

I couldn't do any more strength work today -- I was starving! Tomorrow is another day! Thinking of busting my legs up! YAY! *LOVE* legs day!

I have a question...Have You Ever Been on a Revenge Diet? I want to think we all have? You know -- sweating your a** off because you know, in two months you'll be seeing that guy who rejected you or puffing and huffing so that bully girl in school who used to make fun of you for being "fat", can feel jealous? Well, have you?

Oooohhh look! I got it in the mail today--a steal off e-bay. I LOVE Friends, and never bought the game because I had no one to play it with. I finally just gave in to my urges and bought it. YAY!!!!!

4 more days, y'all!!!


prettyface said...
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Nerd Girl said...

hey girl!! I totally can relate about other blogs. They are all really healthy, but they aren't the diet that I am doing. It is nice to see someone else with the same eating habits!! I buy the Isopure Low Carb Dutch Chocolate protein powder. It is delicious!!!! I make shakes or I put a scoop in my oatmeal and it is chocolate heaven :) E-mail me if you have more questions or want to chat about our boring meals hahah

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