Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stupid, stupid word verifications!!

(What the hell? ^)

I really hate word verification -- so I just completely took it off my blog. I had several e-mails telling me they couldn't comment because of it. I also had issues commenting on others blogs today. So, now it's off forever. Please feel free to comment away.

I changed my blog a bit. I don't have time or the programs to make anything spectacular, but I figured the new header was good enough. HA! I LOVE damask print so much! There's a bedding set on ebay I want for my room. It's so chic. With pink accents? I'm in love.


So, first thing, yet another giveaway! It's for all things cupcakes, which could be potentially dangerous for me if won...BUT....I'm willing to make a few sacrifices ;-) Head over to Sweet Tea Diaries right meow!

Alright, now for today's...

The same as yesterday, but had a few different eats.

Breakfast: What is this you ask? LOL Yeah...I asked myself that too. It's an apple/peanut butter whole wheat muffin I made last week with a teaspoon of White Chocolate PB and a teaspoon of vanilla fat free yogurt. It was a nice start to the day. Didn't feel like making egg whites.

Lunch Dessert: THIS was perfect for curbing my sweet tooth this afternoon. Z-Bar chocolate brownie with a tablespoon of Girl Scout Samoa cookie ice cream....my stomach just grumbled. It was SO dang good. Tasted like a real warm brownie. I heated it in the microwave.

Here's the chicken salad I eat during the afternoon before the gym. Side note: Definitely thinking of adding some sort of small carb before my workouts. I feel sluggish nowadays...

I just sipped on a little bit of a protein shake...I ran out. Have no idea what I want for dinner :( But I know I'm starving. I have a sweet potato in the oven right now. I can't wait to smother it with Happy Cow cheese! But not tonight....carbs are for daytime. ha!!!

Workout for today: 10 minutes stairmaster, 27 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes leg work.

Octomom really does look like Angelina. Weird.

You all might as well know, I have an e-bay obsession. I mean, hell, where else can you find such good deals?? I love shopping period, but e-bay saves me (some) money. I just bought a crap load of make-up, so I'll be sure to make a vlog about it all.

Exciting news: I know exactly what I want for my first give-away for y'all! Be on the lookout. :-) Tell yo friends.

I can't think of much else for the day. All I can think of is food...food...food....foooooooood. :-)

Biggest Loser, OC Housewives reunion and Nip/Tuck tonight.

HUMP DAY is on its way!


Erin said...

Haha I hate those verification things. And your white chocolate pb should be your next giveaway hahahahaha. It looks delish

Anonymous said...

the breakfast looks so yummie! Love the new blog facelift!! Can't wait for your giveaway!

i LUV ebay too!! but i think because of it i spend WAY more $$$!!

excited for your giveaway!!

You breakfast look so good!!! I can't wait for you giveaway and what is up with those undies!!!:):):)

yay! I can comment again!! Your blog looks great! As does your chicken salad... yum! I want your recipe!! And hold the freaking phone - girl scouts make ice cream now?! Tell me this is recent and I haven't been missing out...

Gulf Coast said...

Ebay is the way!!! I am hooked on buying oil paintings. Nice blog.

Yay - thank you for blogging about my giveaway! Hope you are having a great week! :)

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