Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was Tagged! (and a contest from another blogger)

Thanks to Brittney at "Running In High Heels" for tagging me! My first tag, and I love these so much :-) The tag, you ask?

What's on your spring pallet?

This cute pastel top is from Forever 21! It's so girly and the back is sexy -- it has an oval shape opening cutout!

Sam Edelman Sahara Heel...MUST. BUY. THESE. WEDGES NOW!!!! How freaking cute and hot are these? I can see them with cute shorts and dressy tank/cami. YES. From

MAC'S Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish bronzer. It's so shimmery and golden. I tried this at the MAC counter and knew I had to get it. It's in my MAC online bag as we speak.

For the life of me I couldn't find a good photo of this SOLD OUT Ballerina dress from J. Crew. Lucky enough for me, I found a seller on e-bay who has my size in this exact dress! I'm so excited. Spring/Summer weddings, here comes Jenny. I mean how bright and gorgeous is this?!

I tag:

The Polka Dotted Owl
Fitting Back In
Live, Laugh, Lyss
Southern Circle of Hell

Wanna enter another contest? Here ya go, guys! Cool gift cards to be given away!


ooooh FUN! I'm going to have to think on these things... :)

Anonymous said...

thanks girlie!!! Love those wedges. I need to visit urban outfitters!

Big Pissy said...

oh, this IS fun! like fittingbackin, I'm going to have to think about this. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you have been tagged!!!

I did it!!! MAN that was hard! Dang you for stealing an hour from me! haha

i'm adding you right now! thanks for stopping by.

I just found your blog from PDO and I LOVE IT!!! I to am trying to loose weight so I look forward to your tips!! Might I say you are a beautiful girl-not just a pretty face:)

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