Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let there be cleansing.

Lawd have mercy, I truly need a food and exercise overhaul.

My workout shoes are dusty, my stomach is bloated and I feel really lackadaisical (BIG word of the day! hah!). My health and fitness routine has been thrown off, especially with my vacation to Mexico. I'm all about balance so no guilt from this girl one bit, but it's time to get back to business, ya heard?!

Bringing me to my topic today: Juice Cleansing.

I've never done one (I take that back. I think I may have done a DAY of juicing a couple of years ago. Then I quit.)

Lots of research has been done on my part to make sure I really wanted to do a juice cleanse and I've read it all: "Do it," they say. "Don't do it," they say. "Girl, yo body cleanses itself naturally," they also said (Pretty sure that belongs in a Summer's Eve commercial...). I can see valid points in all opinions and after deliberating and reading and researching, I've decided I want to partake! Sign me up!

My reasons:

1. Seriously, I just want to say I've done it. I feel like, for myself, I'd like to be educated and informed and able to tell others if they ask the benefits and negatives I've experienced. Plus, I've heard from others that it's such a great test of willpower and makes you really think about the food you eat to keep your body healthy. I need a REALLY firm reminder of that right now.

2. I love juice, yo! I used to have a juicer before I handed it over to my good friend, Erin (you better be using it, girl. *raises eyebrow*). It took too much prep and time to clean after every juicing. I sound really lazy, but I'm sorry, and I admit that I just do NOT want to make time for that. I'd rather buy it. #lazy. (HASHTAG! hehe)

3. I think juicing will give me that kick in the ass I need right now. See above. The point of this entire post is to get myself some "act right" in the health department. It sounds like a great way to take a break from foods that could be disrupting my digestive system and give my body the clean nutrition it really needs to function properly.

4. Reading about how it makes you feel better overall sold me. I could very much by day 3 be an annoying, hungry bitch, but I'm willing to risk it. My one-day experience with juicing isn't the same as 3 or 5 days, but I'm ready.

I've decided on the west coast company Urban Remedy, after watching YouTube and blog reviews. All of the juices sounded delicious, especially the last juice of the day. I also liked that Urban Remedy juices aren't loaded with sugar and the only added sweetener in a few of the juices was a touch of Stevia.You can check them out online here.

Have any of you tried a juice cleanse for health or fun? What kind and how did you like it/not like it?

I should be starting in a couple weeks and plan to blog the entire process. Sorry (way) in advance for what I said when I was hangry.


Oh my gosh…PLEASE share with us how it goes Jenny! I have been considering the Blue Print juice but just wasn't sure if it was for me. I love that you are trying this…even if it is just to say you did it! LOL!

Get it girl :)

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