Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm back from Mexico!

So....did you all miss me? I've missed you...and this blog!

Am I back for good?

I hope so!

I'd like to be. And if I'm back, I think my blog needs a MAJOR overhaul design wise. That's probably the hardest decision and step forward I need to make.

But, totally (kinda) off-topic, I just returned a few days ago from Cancun, Mexico where me and two of my fellow 30th birthday girls celebrated for five days at an all-inclusive resort. This was a first for me and it was pretty damn amazing.

We stayed at The Excellence Riviera Cancun (which I HIGHLY recommend) where we sunned, sipped and met lots of great people! Including someone I have to give a special shout to. Her name is Chelsea (HEY GIIIIRL!!) and we randomly met in the pool one day during vaca and she's a reader of my blog (well, WAS when I blogged regularly)! I thought that was just super cool seeing as how I've never met anyone randomly in person who has read my rants and ravings. She kinda helped light the fire under my ass to blog again, so I thank her precious self for that!

I'll leave you with some photos from Mexico and I hope the next time I blog isn't too far away. I miss you guys. Are you still out there?

 Pool Daze.

 So tough laying on the white sandy beaches of Cancun. So. Tough.

 This was the view from our room for 5 days. GORG!

Last Day photo. Bye bye Mexico.


Chelsea said...

HEY GIIIIRL!! So glad you are back! Keep the blogs coming and maybe you will light a fire in me to do something about mine! :) It was so amazing to meet you down in Cancun of all places!

ae said...

That is how everyone should celebrate their 30th. :)

Yay!! I am SO glad you're back. You've always been one of my favorite reads. Isn't it SO hard to come back from Mexico and rejoin the workforce?!?!
I am looking into a new blog design too!

Yes I've missed you! I just thought about you the other day, so glad you're back and reppin' a Cancun tan!

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