Sunday, June 30, 2013

Well. This is weird.

It's a sunny-rainy-typical-flooding Sunday in Charleston and I'm sitting here all comfy on the couch with two scared Chihuahua's, watching The Family Stone (one of my faves,'s a Christmasy movie. What gives, cable?) sipping on a Honey Jack (neat)! 

Longest run-on sentence ever. 

Do I even have followers anymore? Doesn't matter :) I'm blogging from my phone because otherwise I'd NEVER get around to it. 

Things are pretty good on my end. Can't complain! Except I wish, still, that I could find a job closer to my family. Grrrr....

Flung myself hardcore into my workouts and eating healthy and it feels wonderful! I'm down 3 pounds, some inches, so far and I'm in a great place. I feel rejuvenated. And happy. And excited. All of that. 

So, just checking in. I'm on Twitter and Instagram a lot, so I hope to reconnect with you beauties there :)
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safire said...

Congratulations on being down 3 lbs! :) Have a wonderful last day of June and HAPPY JULY~

Well done on the weight loss Jenny, that's absolutely awesome, keep going with it, you're doing great! I'm glad things are going well except for not being closer to home but it won't be that way forever I hope! Glad to say that I already connect with you on Twitter, and love it!

Jenny said...

SO so glad we are Twitter friends now!! You make me laugh! :)

Catie said...

Missing your blogging, but I know how busy things can get! Hope things continue going well...I'll have to head over and find you on twitter!

Haha, I still follow I'm just slow to read blogs. Congrats on the workouts!! And blog more often :)

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