Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback to DIY December!

Since it's been a very long time since I last blogged, I'm taking advantage of Throwback Thursday and sharing my big DIY project from last December!

For about six months I had been drooling and scheming over having a pretty, girly, functional bar cart. I pinned, I scoured the interwebs in search of the perfect one for me. I knew I wanted something colorful, NOT boring and decor surrounding it that fit my personality.

I'm not much of a DIYer, you must know, so my first step was checking out Etsy in search of already made bar carts. After much searching, I found this cutie:

That color! That serving top! I was in love. So much so that I almost slapped down $400+ to have that biotch shipped to me! Yes, no need to call me crazy. I knew I was, but I TRULY didn't want to do any work. hee hee.

Well, step in my pal Erin, pro DIYer, who INSISTED I check out Craigslist or go dumpster diving (haha JK. She meant just scoping out shit people had tossed on the street.) to find a piece that I could re-do myself. I finally wised up, took her advice and checked out Craigslist. I kept finding pieces that were just OK, but I had a VERY specific vision in my mind of what I wanted.

FINALLY, I found it! And I'll be damned if it wasn't SO much like that Etsy love I first found. Check it out!
I thought it was even BETTER than the expensive Etsy find! I scooped this up for $125 in town!

Then came the "hard" part...deciding on paint and color.

I knew I wanted that bright blue, but what kind of paint? The Etsy buffet was painted with Chalk Paint (not Chalkboard, but Chalk paint) and I really loved the vintagy feel that type of paint gave. It's a bit on the expensive side, but from what I had read about it, it didn't take much of the paint to cover a piece AND...NO priming?!

Sign. Me. UP!

I collected my supplies and got to work...
Britney Spears is a must for all painting projects :) Oh, and whiskey.

 Look. I cannot tell y'all how easy this was! I mean, I was two neat whiskey's in and I was still painting like a champ. It's hard to screw up with chalk paint. Here's one coat of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in the color Florence. I ended up doing two coats total.

Anddddd, here's the after! I was So, so thrilled!

I took off the bottom two right doors and added some gold wallpaper. Things have changed a bit since this photo was taken, but it's essentially the same. If I can do this, so can you!

Have any of you ever done a DIY project?


I love this!! The prints may be the best part. I'm totally a slave to my coffee. :)

Your version was so much prettier!!! And I spy an owl :-)

Londyn said...

Wow! What a great DIY project!! We recently painted a little bookshelf for our nursery :)

Thanks for following and I'm following back!

wawww you did a great job. Love it.

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