Saturday, October 27, 2012

Popsugar's Must Have Box!

Happy Saturday! This weather is poopy today- wind, rain. Thanks SANDY! That's cool....because I was prepared and bought groceries and necessities last night in anticipation of this crap. :)

So, I was going to save this blog post for later, but I may as well go ahead and tell y'all about it.

After winning Popsugar's "I'm a Huge Fan" contest and meeting Miss Britney Spears, they continued to be SO kind and mailed me one of their "Must Have" monthly subscription boxes for FREE! It was a total surprise and I am SO glad they did- I LOVED IT!

Think of Birchbox, and their $10 monthly beauty goody box, but BIGGER and BETTER! It not only has beauty items, but home items, fitness, FOOD- it's a lifestyle box for ladies.

Here's the box I was sent for free back in September:

All that pink paper is to die for!

You won't get a framed photo of you and a celebrity (hee hee), but you will get a TON of other girly, fun things. In this box (if I remember correctly) there were snacks, a workout DVD, a portable, pink grocery bag, a reed diffuser, travel wine glasses, coupons, more snacks....AWESOMENESS basically.

The next month's box was even better! I wish I had bought that one now. It was AMAZING! It had an $80 scarf inside. Uhm yeah. That pays for the $35 price right there!

I JUST ordered a box for December today and I had to share. I won;t get the box until the end of the month, which is kinda weird, but just how it works.

I HIGHLY recommend trying it out and I'll do a video review once I get my next box.

Check out getting your own in December here.

Have any of you ALREADY tried this "lifestyle" subscription box? Let me know below!


Brooke said...

Hay Hay Hay! That looks like a fun thing to receive in the mail! =)

Lilly said...

I got my box yesterday (my 2nd one). Each one had something really great in it. I haven't even opened the scarf from the Septembers box, kind of forgot about it. Already looking forward to Novembers box :)

This box is so awesome and I love how they gave you a framed photo of Britney, the guys at Pop Sugar actually seem so cool, the subscription box really is a great idea. Sorry the weather's so bad right now too, hopefully it picks up soon.

REBrown said...

Awesome! I'm over BirchBox. They keep sending me dumb small stuff that I'll never use.

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