Thursday, October 18, 2012

Designer Sunglasses? Yes, please.

Hello ladies and guys! I'm still coming off the high of my entire Britney Spears adventure- I've been contacted by a few local news outlets from back home in Alabama and one here in Charleston. lol. My glorious 15 minutes of fame, I suppose.

Thanks for the comments on my 10-year-reunion recap! I had SUCH a wonderful time. 

A little change-up for today.....I was offered a chance to take a look and review a designer sunglasses retail shop. Sometimes I get weird requests, but I liked this one- I love sunglasses and who wouldn't want a new pair? I want them myself!

The company is an online designer eyewear retailer, called SmartBuyGlasses. I perused their site and they have a TON of sunglasses from name-brand designers. I believe there are over 150 brands. At first I thought it was only SUNglasses they offered, but seems like they have contacts, sports glasses and regular eye glasses. Pretty cool- especially for someone like me who's blind as a bat!

A few of the ones that caught MY eye were these Designer Ray Ban Glasses. They all looks super chic and cute! If I hadn't just bought a new pair of eye glasses I'd be all over this!

They also offer Designer Persol and Gucci Glasses. Also super cute- hey offer different frames for every face shape and personal taste.

Personally, I loved these D&G sunglasses:
These are the DG 2096. They look almost like my D&G pair, but the metal frame is a bit different. I like these a LOT!! Mine are all scratched up because I can't take care of lenses to save my life, but ya know...who does? Does anyone actually take extra precaution with their sunglasses? Please say no so I don't look foolish. :)

Another aspect of their website I like is the 3D view of the glasses, giving you an option to view the glasses from all angles.

If you were to buy a pair of sunglasses/glasses from their site, which ones would it be? 
Let me know in the comments section :)


I'm glad you've been asked to do these things due to meeting Britney Jenny, you're a lovely, fun person who deserves a little fame for a while haha, I love these sunglasses too, like so much I'm seriously tempted in purchasing a pair.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,
I know what you mean! My favorite lately are definately fully rimmed glasses after my daughter threw the glasses down a 3 story window and SURVIVED without a scratch! I took a look at the website you recommended and if i buy another pair i would probably get the same shape that i have now but in white like these Dolce&Gabbana

Jenny said...

Ohh THOSE are SUPER cute!! I didn't even see those!!

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