Wednesday, October 17, 2012

29th birthday and 10-year High School Reunion!

Lots of big events for me this past weekend!

On October 11, I turned 29 years old. I am not in full-fledged "last-year-of-my-twenties" mode. It's hard to believe and I still feel 15...some days.

To top that off, my 10-year high school reunion was the same weekend, so I packed my bags and left Charleston, headed straight for Sweet Home Alabama. It was great being home. I wanted to STAY there! I graduated with a small class of about 120 people- IF that. My memory is going in my OLD age!

We had a pretty good turnout. There was about 25 of us throughout the entire weekend. More people would have came but a lot of them are deployed or too far away. We all grew up near an Army Aviation base so a lot of them are "military brats" and joined the service themselves. I think growing up near a military base really helps you branch out and meet new, different people growing up.

I know you don't know ANY of these people in the photos, but enjoy looking at the people I grew up with and know me better than anyone:

We started out at the high school Homecoming game- we saw a few teachers we missed and a couple other 2002 graduates that couldn't make it to the other functions. Afterwards we all hightailed it to a local bar where drinks were drunk and karaoke was sang. Yikes.

 Headshot before the big cocktail event Saturday night. I was proud of my hair! I never curl it with a curling iron, but was pleased with my work :)

Before the game we had dinner. You may recognize Nathan here from my Britney Spears videos. He's my date for everything for LIFE I guess. lol

 One of my best friends, Joy. Still talk and hangout with her today. She's in Alabama.

 We have a good time. THAT is a promise. I was "volunteered" to karaoke "Oops I Did it Again"- is anyone surprised by this? No.

 One of my very best friend from college (and high school) Jason, Joy, Nathan and me!

The group at the lake- gorgeous day!

Cocktail Event! I'm sad I didn't get a full-length shot of my dress. It's Kardashian Kollection from Sears! It was awesome!

 Two of my favorites from school: Jason and Patrick.

 NO we did NOT spike the punch................OK, we did.

The group at out cocktail event

Also, very dear to me and all of my classmates, was a memorial for three of our friends who have passed since we graduated. Two of them, Darrah and Daniel died in a car accident two weeks after September 11, 2001. It was tough. Daniel was my BEST friend and that day has changed me and my life forever. It brought everyone in my 2002 class closer together and now, thankfully, I don't mourn, I celebrate their lives.

Rest in peace Darrah, Eddie and Daniel.

For my birthday I wanted something low-key and with my family, which means my parents. This is how we roll....with Halloween masks, grilling steak and wine!! Look at my mom's GUNS! Thanks to her Beachbody program I picked out for her. You're welcome, mom!

Such a fab weekend. I was quite sad to come back to Charleston....."said no one ever." lol- I know, I know...but I miss home and my friends. We were a VERY close class. VERY. We all had our own little groups, but got along with everyone and I am SO thankful for that.

Has anyone had their 10, 20, 30 year class reunions yet??
How were they?


Meagan said...

I'm still a little shy of my 10 year reunion, but I turned 27 on October 11! Happy shared Birthday!!

Jenny said...

Happy late birthday BIRTHDAY SISTER!! :)

safire said...

You look beautiful! I love your hair and your statement jewelry necklace? or is that beading on your dress? either way - GORGEOUS!

Jenny said...

Thank you!! I worked hard to get my hair that way since I rarely EVER curl it with an iron!

REBrown said...

Your hair looks great! I haven't had my reunions yet, but I'm not even sure if I'll go them when I have them. I went to a huge high school and graduated with about 600 people.

Happy birthday! My 10 year reunion is the first weekend of Nov. I dont keep up with anyone from HS actually going (there were like 700 of us, too) but I am going anyway. If nothing else, for the open bar ;-)

megan said...

October 11th is a popular birthday! My cousin and two guy friends have that birthday, too! Happy Belated! Your reunion looked like so much fun and that was so sweet to remember the classmates that you've lost. Ours is in January.

Happy belated birthday wishes Jenny, it's so cool that your reunion fell pretty much on the same week and it sounds like you had a whole lot of fun, I love the ideas of school reunions myself.

Aww, happy birthday girl! We both have October b-days...which just makes us cooler people in general. :)
And you're reunion looks like so much fun. I also had about 100 or so kids in my graduating class. I think there is a completely different dynamic with a smaller class than if you were just 1 in 500. We had our 10 year a couple years ago and it wasn't much fun though...most people were still stuck in their cliques which is annoying. Maybe our 20 year will be better!

xo - Marion
ps - by the way, you look gorg in these pics!

Brooke said...

Happy B-Day! Sometimes, its hard to believe how fast time goes by!

Your pictures are beautiful!
I might have to go and look for that black dress of yours ;-)


You look FAB in these photos and I love the necklace you're wearing. Also, even though I already wrote on your fb, Happy Happy Birthday!! At first I was sad about being in my late 20s and seeing wrinkles, a grey hair or two...but now I've decided to just embrace it. I'm so much more sure of what I'm doing now, and really, my late teens and early 20s were not that great and I had a lot of trying times (a bad relationship with someone very controlling, etc.). Here's to living up the last years in our 20s!! :-)

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