Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meeting Britney Spears....Part 3

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I couldn't hold off until Friday to write this, so I'm sharing early :)

Before I forget, here's a shot from the previous day's shopping outing! necklace and bag from BCBG!

Here we are on Day 2 already- which was how I felt in the moment as well. SAD! My trip was half over ALREADY! haha. I'm so stupid. I still had yet to meet Britney and was already worried about leaving for home. I really need to learn how to live in the moment, ya think??

So, after Day 1 of singing lessons and a new BCBG outfit, I just KNEW there had to be dancing involved this day! Britney is known for her dancing skillzzzz.

We did the usual routine- met the crew in the hotel lobby, who at this point we had fallen in love with, and did some footage of us climbing into our chauffeured SUV. We drove to  North Hollywood and parked down the block from our next surprise. I loved that the crew tried to keep it all a secret each day! I'm a girl who loves surprises, but I always end up being too smart and figuring it out. I used to be that way with Christmas growing up! My mom could NEVER surprise me. I always just KNEW what I was going to get.

This day I happened to see a sign near where we were that said "Millenium Parking." Millenium?? As in, THE dance studio to the stars? I started freaking out! This would be a DREAM for me as I love to dance and dancing to Britney is a hobby of mine I do on the regular. lol.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, we were finally driven around front and hopped out. I started squealing when I saw, that in FACT, we were going to Millennium Studios for a dance lesson!!!

We walked into a smaller dance room where a woman was dancing to a song- I didn't recognize her at first, but as I got closer I was surprised to see I had seen her before! Her name was Ava Bernstine and she had danced with Britney several times, on her Circus and Femme Fatal tour and one of my FAVORITE tour dances (Hot As Ice) included this woman! PSYCHED!!!

We also happened to see her in tonight's GLEE episode that's dedicated to Britney! Go to minute 1:03! That's Ava!

She ended up teaching me (and Nathan joined in later) quite a few 8 counts to "Til the World Ends." I can pick up moves pretty quickly since I have SOME dance background, but this was a pretty fast dance! Had to go through it a few times. We asked her how long she usually has to learn this amount of moves for an audition and she said about 30 minutes. I could totally do it! :) Loved every second of this surprise!

Nathan, Ava and I doing our best Britney Spears pose. Nathan's being way dramatic- pay no mind to him. lol
 Autographs from stars who have used the studios lined the hallway. 
 Loved this quote.

The afternoon surprise was something totally UNEXPECTED for me, but was one of the coolest! We were taken to a store called MindfulNest. The back of this quirky gift shop housed a perfume/oil shop called KleanSpa, which is owned by Jennifer Hardaway. She has numerous scents to choose from, but today I was creating my VERY own custom scent! I love perfume. Beyond love. Obsessed, really. I was thrilled to get to do this! No photos since I was being filmed the majority of the time, but I walked away with a scent all my own. 

She started by asking me what scents I liked. My answer was fruity with a slight musky tone. During the scent testing we discussed Britney's perfume line and how scents take us back to another time and place. I have to agree- and it was a bit emotional for me...this surprise felt tailored to me. My memories I carry with me are most treasured, as with anyone else, and smells remind me of events and vacations, etc. What we created was a wonderful scent that now reminds me of this exciting California trip. Everyone seemed to love it! I was put on the spot to pick a name for my perfume oil. Jennifer told me to sniff it and the name should pop into my mind. lol....didn't quite happen that way, but after thinking for a bit, I came up with "Peaceful Comfort." Smelling the scent made me comforted: knowing it was my own and also because I really felt like my grandmother was with me this entire time and was so happy for me. In the moment, I felt peaceful and just plain damn happy. 

Check out her oils and products! She ships! You can buy my scent if you want, or pick from the scents she already has! It doesn't end at perfume oils either- body scrubs, products in abundance. I recommend Fig & Fern, which is her most popular fragrance. I didn't expect to like it, but it's VERY interesting and smells delightful! Almost like fresh cut grass, but with a sweetness that reminds me of birthday cake- so those scents mixed together compliment each other very well.

After the create-a-scent session, we piled back in the car and I had a "moment"- my first cry since I had been there. Travis, the main camera guy, wasn't back in the car yet and I had stopped by the time he got in. lol. It was hilarious to see him "upset" because he missed this "good TV" moment. bahah. I told him not to worry because the closer the big moment came, the more emotional I would be. He seemed pleased. 

The day was done. We went back to the hotel for more B-roll footage. This is me typing up my questions for Britney.

I loved our film crew. I miss them! This night, we were able to venture out of the hotel on our own. We both felt sad and naked with the cameras on us. hahaha!!! We learned to ignore them and just be ourselves. Now I know how reality stars feel! At first, it's super weird having cameras filming your every move- then they become family almost.

We ate at a restaurant on The Sunset Strip (where our hotel was) called The Eveleigh. Delicious!

The next morning, I would have one more surprise planned and then meet Britney Spears!! Can't wait to share the last part with you guys!

More to come, Part 4....tomorrow or Friday.


I can't wait to read about the part where you actually meet your idol, the second day sounds so fun and I'm still buzzing that you've got to have this awesome experience, so pleased for you Jenny, you rock and deserve it! Really looking forward to hearing about this surprise and the final day now.

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