Monday, September 17, 2012

Meeting Britney Spears Part 1...and I got a Twitta!

I never ever thought I'd have a Twitter account- I despised it and let everyone know it! Surprise, surprise...I now have a Twitter. So if you're interested in my random thoughts and quirks 24/7 follow me @JennyStripling. I'm pretty cool...I guess. :)

So, today, I thought I would share my whirlwind experience of my meeting with Miss Britney Spears- Princess (Queen?) of Pop, my friends!

Background Info (again!): Those of you have been following me for a while KNOW I love that woman 100% and always have- even through her downs and even more during her "ups." I've followed her since the Mickey Mouse days and loved her immediately when she came out with " one more time." What's funny is that I've ALWAYS always told people I was going to meet her one day. I never, ever dreamed it was honestly happen.

I entered a random contest from (you need to go follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll be first to see the video series!) called “I’m a Huge Fan” where they hook up a huge fan with their FAVORITE celebrity and a fun-filled weekend FULL of surprises.
Surprises indeed! All-expenses paid trip to L.A. for myself and a friend was amazing itself, but it didn’t end there…

Friday my friend Nathan and I high-tailed it to the airport to catch our flight to L.A. We were actually booked on different initial flights to our connector in Atlanta- Well, MY flight was delayed BIG time…like 4 hours delayed. Nathan got to L.A. about 3 hours before me. I didn’t mind much, seeing as how the end result was going to be worth it!

When I finally made it to LAX, I met up with Nathan and walked down to baggage claim where we were greeted by a camera man and our producer for the weekend, Audrey. Oh…and a personal driver, thankyouverymuch. Awesome! Do you understand how much I love being drove around? Tons.
We started filming immediately- I was asked basic questions from our main cameraman, Travis, about why I love Britney, my favorites things about her, how I came to enter this contest, how I was feeling- the works!

Our drive from LAX to our hotel, The Andaz, West Hollywood, was a short trip, but being that it was dark made it difficult to do any sightseeing from the car windows. I was just so happy to see that nice, fluffy duvet. I was exhausted. Little did I know my weekend activities were only just beginning......the only thing our itinerary said for the day was "SURPRISES!!" and "MORE SURPRISES!"

 Room Service Friday night- BEST FRIES EVER!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 Wednesday!

(Hotel side note: The Andaz was once a Hyatt and nicknamed The “Riot Hyatt” because of some of the famous rock bands that frequented the hotel. One of my favorites, Jim Morrison, from The Doors, lived there until he was reportedly evicted by management for hanging out a window by his fingertips, dangling over the pavement.

The scene from Almost Famous where Russell Hammond cries out, "I am a Golden God!" is a reference Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant who allegedly said the same thing while looking over Sunset Strip from one of the hotel's balconies in 1975. Pretty cool, right?!)


This is so cool Jenny, it's great that you had the chance to go to meet your idol. I've got Twitter too, @MattyJoseph8 hopefully we can follow each other.

And wow, Jim Morrison is my idol, I honestly can't believe that you were in the same hotel as him, I'm so jealous right now, not going to lie!

megan said...

Can't wait to read more! I am so happy for you that you won! Very sorry to read about your grandmother though.

VERY cool! I am so jealous of your paid vacation!!

Oh wow!! That is just awesome. Can't wait to read part 2!

And that last photo is hilarious. Your friend is looking at all that food and he looks like he's thinking, "Oh wow...that is a lot of food. I don't even know how to start..."

Now guess what I'm going to do!? Gonna go find you on Twitter!! Hooray!!
XO - Marion

tara said...

this is so awesome!!

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That time I interviewed Britney
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