Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meeting Britney Spears Part 2

Day 2: Saturday, September 2012

After a peaceful sleep and fabulous room service (thanks to per diem! LOVE YOU POPSUGAR!!) that was much neede, we awoke Saturday morning! We were only told to be ready by 8:30ish. Nothing else was told.

I tend to wake up early when I'm excited! Somehow Nathan slept in while I went exploring around the hotel. I took a few photos and sipped some much needed coffee as I strolled through the eclectic hallways (NOTE: Coffee from Starbucks ended up being a MUST-HAVE accessory for the weekend.)

I took a few photos from the pool area. Gorgeous sunrise and The Hollywood Hills!

After exploring awhile I set off back to the room where we, you guessed it, ate more hotel food.  Honestly, the food was top-notch, guys. We loved every bite!

I got dressed in my very NON L.A. outfit. lol Seeing what everyone else wore I felt like a little school girl in her lace dress from Target. *sigh* hehehe

We were met upstairs by the producer, Audrey, and camera crew (still awkward being filmed at this point!!) and were taken downstairs to the Mezzanine level to meet Lindsay Miller, PopSugar Editor in the L.A. office. LOVE her. Love her clothes she wore the entire weekend, too! Amazing Robert Rodriguez leather dress and Givenchy charm necklace. LOVE LOVE LOVE. See below!

 We had our first sit-down interview on-camera with Lindsay. This being our first action shot, I was sweating bullets and very fidgety! Yikes! So much pressure. It was cool to finally see how production and filming works, with reality based shows such as this one. What you see is very real, but most likely you're saying the same things two or three times so they can get the shot and get different angles. So, yes, it's real, but done many times to get it 100% perfect!

Frankly, I loved it all!

After the interview we hopped in our escort car and headed to my FIRST Britney related surprise!! What was it? I had no idea- and was especially confused when we rolled into a neighborhood. Everyone in the production crew was coming in and out of a residential house, and my super smart deductive skills determined it had to be singing or dancing. Come on, y'all! That's what Britney does.

After waiting in the car with our driver, Curtis, for roughly 30 minutes, we hopped out and headed toward the house (all being filmed!). When we walked in the house, we were greeted by a tiny woman behind a keyboard playing and singing. Great. Right then I knew I was going to sing. And I'm no singer.

The woman turned out to be Lis Lewis who worked with Britney Spears on her "In the Zone" album! OMG...fabulous! She was super sweet and nice and was really understanding when I couldn't hit a key...she did say I did well and had a nice speaking voice, but I KNOW I'm no singer. Still, it was fun! You'll have to wait for the video to see more :)

Lis Lewis, Nathan and I
Once that stress was over, we went to film b-roll near the famous Mulholland Drive- overlooking Hollywood. The views were fantastic!

The rest of the day was b-roll footage gathering and ONE more surprise! I, sadly, didn't get ANY photos from the second surprise of the day....BECAUSE.......I was trying on CLOTHES at BCBGMAXAZRIA, baby! I was going to get an entire outfit for the big day of meeting Britney! When I got back to the hotel I was curious to know how much it all cost- after seeing the price of the leggings alone I HAD to know! Total came to around $1,300 for an outfit and accessories. Talk about being SPOILED! I seriously cannot thank PopSugar enough.

As a Britney fan, I was disappointed in myself that I didn't know she loved to shop there! And what's even more awesome is that it's TOTALLY my style! Loved it! No pictures, but you'll see my outfit in the video. (Do you hate me right now for making you wait??!)

The day concluded with us crashing in the hotel room....and there was still two more days of surprises left....I never wanted this weekend to end and it was only Day 1!

Part 3 to come Friday!


I'm so pleased to hear that you got to enjoy this incredible experience Jenny. It sounds like you and Nathan were treated like royalty and that hotel food sounds so awesome! Great photos too, I love your outfit and Lindsey does look fabulous too.

megan said...

So fun! I would have been SO nervous if I had to sing in front of a camera!!

1300, HOLY COW! This whole series of posts is SO EXCITING!! cannot wait to see the video!

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That time I interviewed Britney
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