Monday, August 6, 2012

I heart some NEON and Beachbody Coaching Frustrations

I know I’m not the only person obsessed with neon lately- or am I?
I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed. I want neon everything- I want my life to be one big ball of NEON!

Not sure why I’m so late jumping on this trend, but I like to give the trend some time to cure, to make sure it’s something I really want to partake in. 

I’ve been looking for a neon pink summery dress, but can’t seem to find one anywhere- and I’m a great online shopping sleuth. There was one H&M was selling, but I was too late and can’t find it anywhere and there’s no H&M around where I live. It was exactly what I was looking for. Damn.

I needed new workout shoes so I bought these suckers. They are the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 6’s. There’s a 7 out, which I also loved, but the pink neon ones are sold out everywhere, so I opted for the older version. I think I like them better anyway.
THEN, I fell in LOVE with this nail polish from China Glaze called Flip Flop Fantasy. Oh, heck yes. My fantasy is complete with this nail polish. It’s bright and gorgeous and I;m OBSESSED with it! Completely obsessed. Yes, I know my toes are freakishly long and crap, but please look past them to that gorgeous color! Not to mention, I've lost my golden tan, and this color somehow makes my legs and feet look super tan! But just my legs and feet....the rest of me is pale. HEAD TO TOE NEON?? heh heh

WORKOUTS: I became a coach with the Beachbody company (fitness company that created P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, etc.)  in April, as most of you know, and I love it. However, it has its moments of frustration, both on the business and personal level.  Just as an example: I’ll have “customers” who buy products through my website and they’ll abuse the 30-day money back guarantee for the Shakeology. Now, this is not to say they shouldn’t use that 30-day money back, because sometimes you just don’t like a product. In the cases I’ve had, though, I follow up with them, because I genuinely want to hear what they think and if they like/dislike it, and when I follow up, they love it! Then return it for their money back after the use it all. Shame.  Shame. Shame.   

As a Coach, I do get commission off of the products ordered through ME, and yes, I do use this for extra income, because frankly, I could use it just like anyone else. Well, when a customer returns something, that commission is taken away from me. More importantly, all of the hard work and dedication I gave to THAT customer (giving advice, helping them choose a product, answering questions…) is down the drain.

It just makes me sad, really. I’m a Coach because I enjoy helping people. I LOVE to answer question about fitness, health and nutrition. I’ve done my GREAT share of research and studying up so I feel like I can give great advice and knowledge to others.  This company gives you a platform to start form and I love that. However, this past week, I thought about stopping altogether.  As far as making money goes, it depends. Sometimes I’ll break even, sometimes I won’t profit, sometimes I will.  

Then, this morning I had a revelation: 

#1.  I realized that I signed up as a coach for ME, MYSELF and I. I had been lacking motivation to lose this extra weight for 6 months now and being a coach is holding ME accountable. If I can’t get up and workout and eat a healthy diet, why should anyone else I help do that? I’ve lost 10 pounds the past month doing Insanity again! 10. POUNDS. Seriously.  I wouldn’t have pushed myself as much as I did if I didn’t have those people in my Facebook group looking to ME for motivation- and I looking to them.

#2.  A woman in my office pulled out a bag of pills this morning and proclaimed that she needed to “take her pill” because she’s trying to lose 10 pounds. My heart almost stopped. It just makes me SO damn sad that people feel they need to result to this. First of all, those pills probably will just either give her jittery energy or help her loose some water bloat. She’s not getting healthier by doing this, but I guess everyone’s looking (STILL!) for a quick fat loss tip and they just want to be thin. It’s not my business what she does, but I decided to speak up and tell her how I’ve lost 10 pounds this past month with working out and just eating a healthy, balanced diet.

She just kinda looked at me. 

It was right then that I realized why I still work for Beachbody. If I can change ONE person’s mind on fitness and health and to help them have a better, HEALTHIER relationship with their bodies and their health, then I’ve accomplished something GREAT. 

For the love of God people- please don’t take a pill and think you’re going to better your body. While everyone wants to look attractive, fit and/or thinner, try thinking about your heart health, your potential risk of developing a disease later in life- you don’t think about these things because you’re probably still young, but one day life is going to catch up with you and wouldn’t you like to look back and know that you did what you could to keep yourself healthier?

That’s my preach for the day! It’s something I’m passionate about : )

How do you feel about the subject of a “quick fix” for weight loss?

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