Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BEST Charleston weekend with the bestie!

I had THE best weekend in Charleston- I've almost been here three months. Impossible! I think I saw more in the past 4 days than I have all three months. Everything better with your best friend.

Marion got here Friday and we tore this town UP! We actually made it to lots of places in the short 4 days she was here.

Friday we met up with my friend Lindsay, who also lives in Charleston. Linds actually went to the same high school as Marion, but I never knew her until I moved here. We hit up a few bars downtown to give Marion an idea of Charleston nightlife.

Vendue Rooftop Bar

Saturday Charleston hosted a HUGE Pub Crawl downtown- for me, it was a GREAT way to meet new people and go to different places I normally wouldn't go to. I found a couple places I will DEFINITELY be back to. I've decided I could see myself as a weekly regular at a few of these places. 

The Crawl separated everyone into different groups and our group was FANTASTIC. Cool, down-to-earth, fun and crazy for sure! I loved them all! Towards the end of the night we kinda deviated from the Crawl path and did our own thing.

New Friends and Marion :)

This photo is on the front page (online) of the Charleston Scene weekly publication. WOO!!

We tried the beach on Sunday, but naturally, the one day we could go, it stormed. I was still determined to take Marion to the beach dammit- and we did. Here she is "relaxing" during the windy, thunderstorm. LOL.

Dinner Monday was Bin 152. LOVED this wine bar!

I haven't grabbed the photos from my regular camera yet, but Monday night we also took a Ghost Tour of the old jail here in Charleston. It was pretty interesting, but not that scary, which disappointed me....then again, what was I expecting?? A ghost to grab my hair perhaps? Who knows.

So, that was my week! Now, after having Monday and Tuesday off of work, I have to go back. YUCK. Middle of the week at least! Two more days and then another weekend, then Labor Day long weekend. I cannot BELIEVE it's almost Fall already! The love of my life is Fall. Seriously.

Speaking of love...I had a date via match.com last week. It was stupid and I'll tell you all about it later this week. heh heh.

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That time I interviewed Britney
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