Friday, August 24, 2012

Date #1 in Charleston

A few things you need to know:

#1. I've never been the girl who needs a man/date/boyfriend, nor do I really care if I do or not.
#2. I love being by myself. Ain't nothin' wrong with dat!
#3. That being said, I do enjoy the good company of a dude.
#4. Number 3 depends on if they're funny and cool- it can't just be any dude. I've only dated one or two guys I considered compatible for me.

Anyway, I've been on match and eHarmony before, trial versions only, so, no I haven't had a long-term commitment to any online dating source, but I can tell you one thing- The week trials I've had suck.  I don't think I'm the most gorgeous person on earth, nor am I the coolest or nicest, but the guys who are messaging me on these dating sites? Awful.

Before you start judging me, I don't just mean their looks. Their conversation skills are LESS than stellar. Here are a few examples of REAL messages I've received (first contact):

-"Charleston is a more beautiful place with you in it."
-"You eyes are like diamonds."
-"Your tan skin and hair easily make you the hottest girl on here."
-"SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!!!! Let's meetup" (No. I swear I'm not making this up.)
-"It's too bad you aren't a Christian. I think we would get along well. Best of luck on here."

Lest we forget the horrible misspelling of common words. I'm a JOURNALISM major. Come on, guys.

A friend of mine loves eHarmony, and I agree with her that the caliber of men is much better there.

I managed to find one guy on match who seemed pretty decent- we started e-mailing and he was sarcastic and had my sense of humor. SCORE! Plus he was cute. We ended up meeting the next week.....................

It was just an OK date- this may sound snarky, but I always wonder why some people are on a dating site (Yes, I'm aware people can ask the same thing about me), and I found out why this dude is still single. He talked and talked and talked.....about himself. It wasn't in a conceited way, but damn....he wouldn't give me a chance to say anything about myself. He asked me ONE question....and it was what my parents do. Really? Alright.

I was bored. I'm willing to go out for fun with him again, but if not, I don't care.

I wish I had a more interesting first-date story, but it was THAT dull.

I think once I get some extra money I'll get a subscription to eHarmony for a few months and see if having a paid account helps any, but I just would much rather meet a guy out and about- but that's not always easy either.

So there's that.
The End. :)

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