Monday, August 27, 2012

Do yourself a favor and go to Target!

I love when Target surprises me with fabulous finds! Usually their clothes are hit or miss for me, and for the most part, still are, but I am super excited about the few things I recently picked up! I was delighted to find a few pieces that don't cost an arm and a leg- especially since I'm trying not to spend so much money! It's sad when I have to turn down invitations to go to happy hour because I'm BROKE! lol Moving sucked all the pennies from my life.....

Here's the recent Target additions I've added to my bulging-from-the closets wardrobe-I'm a HUGE dress kind of girl, so a lot of whats in my closet are dresses. This haul is no exception.

I am a sucker for a sweater dress and can just picture this blue one with lighter brown boots and patterned tights this fall/winter (If it gets cold enough here in Charleston!?).

This dress looks boring, in all its grey-ness, but I have LOTS of bright colors and patterns in my closet already- I'm missing very basic colors and I've found that some of my bright statement necklaces just don't GO with those loud clothing pieces (imagine THAT!). I love the sheer sleeves and the grey color- very easy to dress up or down!

Honestly, I wasn't sure how this dress would look in person, but OMG- I am in love with it! Leopard and the very top part is sheer. The hem is hi-lo, but not a HUGE difference in the length. I love it! Perfect!!! I HIGHLY recommend this dress

 Another hi-lo. I may end up returning this because summer is coming to a close and this is more summery. I just can't resist a print and pink! We'll see.
 What a great blouse! The color is gorgeous and the fit is VERY nice! I can see myself sporting it with skinny jeans!

Have you been to Target lately and scored any items you just love??

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That time I interviewed Britney
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