Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 4 living in Charleston...and counting

Here I am, here I ammm! Out of hiding and so happy to be blogging. I didn't have the internet or cable for the first couple days of being in Charleston- my desktop still needs an external modem, so right now I'm using my laptop, which kinda sucks because I can't upload my photos very easily.

Here's a brief breakdown of what's been happening the past 4-5 days:

#1. The first stop on my journey to South Carolina was a stop in Birmingham for one last hangout with my closest friends (Marion, Joy and Mike). We went to B-ham's annual Brewfest at Sloss Furnace. LOTS of AMAZING beers to sample. I am such a lover of Oatmeal Stouts!

Birmingham Outfit of the day ;)

#2. It only took me 3 days to break down (almost) all boxes and put up my stuff in the apartment. I still have shoes to deal with. No idea where they're going to go....My closest are bursting at the seams. Lots of people recommended I buy the huggable hangers, but I don't feel like digging out all the clothes again right now. lol. Maybe later. Added to my "to-do" list.

#3. My first day on the job was just OK...Without getting into too much detail, let's just say that once you hear something 5 times on your FIRST day at a new job about how your new boss is a big micro-manager and the phrase "good luck. I hope it works out for you" pops up in conversation way too might start to question things. I have yet to meet my new boss, as she's out of town until Thursday, but all I can do is wait and see. My biggest issue is having a fun work family to go to everyday- I thrive on it....and I just hope it all works out fine.

The job? I can tell I'll like it. I think it'll be very rewarding working with Veterans.

#4. A few apartment photos:

It's still really hard to tell the size of the rooms from the photos, but trust me- it's a great size for me and the two pups :) It's starting to feel like home. More pictures to come....

#5. WHOLE FOODS! Finally. FINALLY I have a Whole Foods near me again. I grabbed a few new things I wanted to try, a few things I hadn't had in a long tiiiiime and a big helping of stuff from their salad and hot bar. lol

OH, and this wine: Bubo=OWL in Latin

This Cab, called  is part of Whole Food's Summer Top 10 Wines. Can anyone guess the first aspect of this wine that made me buy it? ONE guess only ;)

#6. I'm itching to go out and start doing the FUN stuff: eating, beach, bars, shopping, photo taking, etc.! The closest I got to seeing some Charleston is taking my dogs to the dog park today. PURE Trauma for Chiva. lol She was fine at first, but then a bigger dog started wanting to play chase and she got scared and started making the most GOD awful noise like she was hurt- HA! The dog wasn't even touching her. THEN, the other two bigger dogs in the park heard her and chased her, too. Good grief- it was nuts. Needless to say, we came home. Brady, on the other hand is truly Mr. Congeniality.

To be continued....


It's great to read about how things are going settling in Jenny, for right now they seem to be working out just fine too, I love the photos of your apartment! It's awesome that you had one last time of hanging around with your friends as well, you rock the outfit!

rachel said...

Huggable hangers are AWESOME. I just bought a bunch at the Container Store (but I've heard you can buy them cheaper at Costco, etc), and they are FANTASTIC.
Love your Birmingham outfit, and your apartment looks nice. :)

Krystle said...

Your apartment is so cute! I am so jealous of your move to Charleston. I wish so bad I could be in SC or GA, but my job and hubby keep me in DC/MD! Good luck at the new job


Megan said...

Apartment looks cute!!! You should look at Trader Joe's also for wine! It's super cheap! We are going to do something fun on Thursday night if you want to come with us!!

megan said...

Yay, you're here! We're leaving Friday morning to go to DC for a wedding but we will meet up soon for that Brady/Brady date! :)

Yay!! So glad to hear that you are getting settled in your new home! Your kitchen is so cute! Love that rug...
And isn't having a Whole Foods nearby the best?! I told my hubby from Day 1 that I can move anywhere as long as we are within 10 miles of a Nordstroms and a Whole Foods :)

XO - Marion

LWLH said...

Your apartment looks adorable!
I love the rug in the kitchen : )

Chris said...

Your apartment looks great! I recommend the huggable hangers too... you can find them cheaper at Marshalls or Homegoods and they have them at Bed Bath and Beyond also. Glad to see you're settling in the new place!


Look great !!! and whole foods is a big plus !! you'll get use to the move in no time !!


Unknown said...

Before you go for huggable hangers, check out Super-Grippy Hangers from MAWA of Germany. I had the fuzzy ones but tried these and now they're all I use. The Super Grippy is so true, they don't wear out (I found the fuzzy ones "shed" over time) and they make hangers for all purposes. They're stronger, and have like a 10-year warranty. I'm fanatical about my closet space. I tossed the felty hangers and put these Mawa hangers in, and the improvement is breathtaking!

Gwen said...

I think your kitchen is bigger than mine and now I think I want to paint my cabinets white this week. :)

You, as always, look amazing!!!

Sorry I'm behind on my commenting. Finally catching up on my reader.

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