Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Friday Fives...on a Wednesday.

I'm usually bad about blogging regularly these days, but I love the idea of a short and simple update like Christina does at Hungry Meets Healthy every Friday.

This week is hectic: Leaving for Bimringham to see my BFF's Thursday, a FAB Beer Fest Friday and then off to South Caroline for good.... and I won't be blogging, so I'm giving you The Friday Fives on a WEDNESDAY!! (I need an iPad)

Let's get to it!

1. What I'm listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers- Give it Away and Zephyr. I can't seem to get enough of either since the concert at Hangout Fest a couple weekends ago. I've been rolling the window down and rocking out to Give it Away and then I'll switch to the more mellow Zephyr. It's a great balance. Zephyr makes me reminds me of my move and my friend Joy, who shares my love of the Peppers....she told me to listen to it to make me cheer initially worked and then i got sad because I'll miss her. lol--- Damn.

2. What I'm bookmarking: Don't judge me. I saved a wedding dress, yes, I did. I'm not a HUGE wedding obsessed girly-girl, but I do have some ideas (OK, a lot. I just pretend I don;t care) bookmarked and saved for a rainy day. This Jim Hjelm dress is gorgeous with it's lace and detailing....

3. What I'm reading: I needed a book for the beach trip last weekend and here were the contenders.....

The Strain: Book 1 by Guillermo Del Toro

Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith 

2312 by Kimberly Stanley Robinson

For Nothing by Nicholas Denmon 

 The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen

I really wanted the 2312 book, but that junk was $30!! What?? Yeah. I love me some books, but I'll just buy it off e-bay or something. I'd spend $30 for a Harry Potter book, but not something I'm not 100% sure about....Which one did I end up choosing? The Vamp Hunter. Old Honest Abe. The title is stupid, but everyone seems to really like the book- I think my qualms about it come from the stupid title and Vampires. I'm just tired of the vampire shiznit. (Still excited for the new season of True Blood, though. make NO mistake about THAT.)

Anyone read this book??

4. Image(s) I'm digging: I know it's true. 

5. Where I'm traveling: Grayton Beach/Seaside, Florida, baby! Nothing like the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of the Gulf. Spent the weekend with the family, dogs and met up with April and Erin Saturday. See previous post for more photos...

Next time I blog, I'll be living in Charleston for good :)

Much love.


Hope the move is going well. I need to go to Florida for vacation ... right now.

Kelly said...

Love love love Zephyr Song. I bet the concert was just uh-mazing!!! The Flordia photos are gorgeous. Have a fabulous rest of the week!!

Jessie said...

LOVE this idea!! I may have to borrow this idea. I agree sometimes it's so hard to blog everyday and I try and do my video's for Thursday Latelies but it's so hard!

Marion said...

Aww, have a great few days Jenny! I imagine the beer fest thing won't be boring :)
And LOL at that image. I make that face with my arms crossed all the freakin' time!
XO - Marion

Yay...excited you'll be heading this way. Best of luck with the move! = book lovers heaven!

Ecs24au said...

Hay hay hay! It's ME! The Erin is ME! I got a mention! Does this make me famous? I need to start acting the part and throw my cell phone at an assistant! ;)

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