Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here's how I spent my Memorial Day Weekend...Grayton Beach style

My last weekend living in Alabama and Memorial Day weekend was spent down at the beautiful white sands of Grayton Beach. I love the area- it's not packed out and is super relaxing. My parents and I always take their RV to the Beach park and set up camp for the long weekend.

 I admit I got sick of being in the HOT after two days, so I went home a day early, leaving my parents to enjoy their heat one more day. Yes, the RV is air conditioned, but I needed my bed!!

Using my "I love Hooters" koozie. I prefer to think that it's really showing my love for owls instead. yes. That's it. The hammock was my favorite place Saturday afternoon...got a little burnt around the ankles. Weird places, man. Guess I didn't apply the sunscreen that well. 

Mom cooking breakfast at the campsite. Turkey Bacon, oh yes. 

Cruiser outside The Red Bar, where we enjoyed Bloody Mary's and Frozen Strawberry Margaritas Sunday morning....while getting bit by asshole yellow flys. 

Mom and I at The Red Bar. 

Parents normal.....

Parents pretending to be drunk and passed out. Their idea. Not mine. lol

 Enjoying a beach day on Saturday!


There was quite a lot of seaweed on the beach....

I've had enough of the beach for awhile, but plan on living it up on the beaches of Charleston this summer!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


safire said...

Wonderful pictures! Glad the weather stayed great for you this past weekend :)

LWLH said...

Your parents look like a blast :)

OMG, I would have loved it. I need some beach time in my future soon! Looks like a great time Jen, I am so jealous!

Your weekend at the beach seems like it was so much fun Jenny, I'm pretty jealous haha, here's hoping you get to visit lots of cool beaches in Charleston too!

Wow, great post and I love your Memorial Day photos. It looks like such a fun time and I wish I was closer to a warm beach. They are cold here in SF.


Your parents look like a hoot - glad you guys had a great weekend!

REBrown said...

That looks amazing (minus the whole camping thing - I've never understood camping at the beach).

The water is so clear! I'm used the dingy gross Atlantic.

Chrisology said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! That's the best way to spend your Memorial Day on the beach!

Chrisology said...

By the way, when you get to Charleston try if you can go out on the beach after a hurricane or storm.
A lot of people go out there after a hurricane because some many beautiful shells, starfish, and some other sea animals wash up on shore. My family always goes to M. Beach's State park after a hurricane to see what we can find.

Kelly said...

Fun!! Looks like you had a blast of a weekend. I laid out a bit on Sunday and got soooo hot, but it felt awesome :-) Your parents are so cute. I swear, some of the best times I've had with my folks is when they've cut loose and had a great (drunk) time ;-) With my sister being 7 years younger than me, it took a while for them to feel comfortable not having to be the PARENTS, yanno?

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