Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Charleston moving woes

The countdown has begun.

3 more full days of work at my current location.

1 more day before Grayton Beach trip with the family.

8 days until I see my friend Marion and attend Brewfest in Birmingham.

10 more days until I move to Charleston.....and I'm sad.

Up until today I was excited more than anything about moving to a kick-ass city, starting a new job and experiencing all it has to offer, but now I'm just sad. I've moved and lived on my own (with my dog babies) pretty much since I graduated college in 2006, so I should be used to all of this, right?! Not.

I'm starting to remember that "alone" feeling I get when I move to a new place and have no friends. I hate it. I'm pretty good about meeting new people, but it sucks to not have those people who know your quirks, what makes you laugh and what that disgusted face you make ACTUALLY means, around you to experience all of these exciting things with- and those new people you meet may or may not call or text and ask you to hang out on a weekend.....I may just end up being by myself, holed up in my stupid apartment drunk off wine (.... that doesn't sound all that bad. BAH!!) watching The Notebook.

Listen to me- all dramatic-like.



Best of luck with the huge move Jenny, make sure to keep us all updated on how it goes! Leaving home is going to suck but at least you're preparing yourself for an awesome new beginning at the same time.

Megan said...

I promise to text/call :-)

Megan said...

in fact, we need to exchange numbers NOW!

safire said...

Sounds like a lot is going on! Good luck with everything!

Robin said...

I met a cute cop from Charleston in Vegas once. Keep a lookout for an Italian cop named Tony ;)

REBrown said...

Moving cities is a big deal, moving states would probably put me into some kind of panic induced coma. You're doing good!

LWLH said...

You're a gem girl, I was no questions that you'll make friends quickly.

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