Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I looked the devil in the eye.....

".....And I said...DEVIL...I am NOT hanging out with you at Hangout."- Joy

You'd have to literally know my friend Joy and I to think that quote was funny, but it was one of only a handful of the most hilarious shit I have ever said or heard in my life. 

This past weekend was the third annual Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama. My friend Joy and I were attending for the first time and it didn't disappointing. It ran smoothly, everything was laid out nicely, enough port-o-potties for all 35,000 visitors, plenty of food variety, good beer...and honestly everything was a higher price, but nothing outrageous in my opinion. $6 for a TALL BOY Dos Equis. Not bad, really. 

Our main reason for going was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We just saw them in April, but once a year is never enough :) They're one of our favorites!! 

I managed a few photos from the long weekend......

Owl Koozie! Gas station find, heck yeah! Standing in line I realized that I would be making the statement that I loved hooters, but whatev. 

Our cheap ass condo! Cheap in price, not in quality! Only 4 miles from the venue. Thank you Joy for your hook-up!

  Da Kitchen

I like anything that condones whining. ;)

It was so hot the first day we got out to the beach! Here we were listening to Alabama Shakes (Who are REALLY awesome by the way!! The lead singer woman has a deep, scratchy-type voice and was rocking it!). This was when Joy said the quote at the beginning of this blog....She got too hot and had to be taken to the first aid tent to cool off- some stupid people were trying to give her BEER to drink as she found her way to the tent. Morons.

Wicking the sweat with our napkins. 

Joy's pretty smile ended up in a lot of people's photos that weekend...lol. photobombing was in full-force!

The Peppers played Saturday night and our goal was to be up front! Call me naive, but I didn't realize there were any other RHCP fans in the world as big as we are, so I figured as long as we got there 4 hours early before they started, we'd be able to get up front........WRONG! There was another band playing around 5:00....the Chili Peppers were scheduled for 9:00, and we managed to squeeze up towards the front during the other band. There were a lot of people who left after that band, but there were also a LOT of people who were waiting to see the Peppers, too. Dammit. Our plan had kinda failed, but we were still about 12 "rows" from the stage. We could see Anthony, Flea and Chad's face. Don't care about the new guitarist Josh. I miss John.

Anyway, best show I've ever seen them play live. BEST! It was so awesome! Anthony was all over the stage, full of energy and Flea was Flea- telling the crowd to "forgive your parents. forgive your sisters and brothers" and ripping his bass to shreds! LOVED every single minute. I can't get enough of them.

At one point Joy, myself and our other friend Melanie were singing along to some older songs they played and realized we were the oldest people in the area we were standing...none of the kids around us knew anything besides newer stuff. WTF. I hate that. lol I'm so glad I was a fan during their PRIME, too :)

I didn't get photos because I was too busy singing and jumping and dancing, but here's some video footage courtesy of MTV and a few pictures from various other internet sources:

Get More: Music News

Anthony looks pretty good for 50 years old......but I sure do miss those "Scar Tissue" days when his body was OUT of this world!!!

I HIGHLY recommend Hangout next year! It's a great, fun weekend, if you enjoy live music and the beach :)


Megan said...

looks like so much fun! Maybe we can find something similar this summer!

It looks like you had a blast. I am slightly jealous! I haven't had a vacay in FOREVE! Glad to have your pretty face back in action online. :)

Marion said...

Aw, looks like an awesome time! And I seriously laughed out loud when I saw your fancy new koozie! I looked at it and immediately thought, "I wonder if Jenny knows that it's not about owls..." and then I read that you had an epiphany in line but bought it anyway. Hilarious!
XO - Marion

This seems so damn cool Jenny, congratulations on getting that item too. It's great that you had fun at the Chillis, I'm incredibly jealous, I won't lie haha.

LWLH said...

His Scar Tissue days....my oh my....mmmmm!!

REBrown said...

Looks like fun!

Anthony has definitely beefed up over the years.

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