Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adventures in Charleston: Laundry

I don't have a washer and dryer here at my apartment...I live in an old historic home consisting of 4 apartment units and mine is the ONLY one without one. Of course. Naturally. My luck. BAH!! The reason is a good one- there's just no room.

I kinda survived my first laundromat experience and it wasn't horrible. It wasn't the shady, mess-tastic place I had in mind (i.e. the laundromats back home for one! Double yikes!)

I traveled down the road to College Laundromat and was happy to see that at 4:00 p.m. there were plenty of washers and dryers for use. The price? $2.50 per load and $.25 per 6 minutes in the dryer. Cool. Not bad. I have lots of dry-clean only clothing and/or will wear an item numerous times (unless I get nasty, sweaty or pee on myself) before I clean it.

So, yeah, I get there and pretend that I'm a regular. I hate going into a new place and being the newbie. HATE. it. I'm such a wuss! So, in my attempt to be cool, I took one glance at the washer and the FOUR different holes on top of the machine (for bleach, softener, detergent, etc.) and quickly started piling in my clothes and adding my powder detergent.


It wasn't until 5 minutes AFTER the bitch had started that I realized there was a guide on the front with STUPID small images correlating to each washing product. Those images corresponded with one of those on-top holes....Yeah......I put the detergent in the softener hole.


hehe. Whatever. I just sat there and stared at the washer. It didn't really suds up...I was curious what would happen during the rinse cycle.

lol- It's funny now challenged I become when it comes to everyday things you take for granted!

My clothes weren't sudsy or anything, but they could have been CLEANER, for sure. They WERE, however, CLEAN, so I threw them in the dryer and then left. I could have been more prepared: i.e. Clothesbasket instead of a trashbag (HAHA!!!) and actually had enough quarters.

I think I'll enjoy my adventures here....


Robin said...

Oh man, I can't imagine. I haven't had to do laundry like that since college, and even those washers were normal, easy top-loading ones. I admire that you can live without one in the apt, and without a dishwasher- both would be a MAJOR dealbreaker for me. But I am a brat.

How long did you have to wait for each cycle (washer/dryer) to be done?

Looking forward to more adventures!

safire said...

Good luck with getting acquainted with a new area! It's always exciting yet unsettling. I remember the days of having to wait around for laundry to get done in my old apartment in college. Not fun...

Blossom said...

The good thing about a laundromat is you can do all your laundry at once instead of having to do load after load!

Megan said...

Ha so funny! Feel free to do laundry at my place this summer!

Jenny said...

It's funny reading all of your comments about "College Laundry" lol- I NEVER lived in the dorms in college and always lived in cute duplexes/houses...I would have NEVER dreamed f NOT having a washer/dryer inside my own place. Now, I own a home in Alabama and moved to Charleston and CHOSE this's just weird and funny! It's not as bad as I thought, honestly!

BUT Megan....If you'll let me do some laundry at your place, I'll bring the wine? :)

This was a really funny story Jenny haha, at least you know now to make the same mistake for the next time, I've never been in a laundromat ever before so I know I'll make similar mistakes for sure, looking forward to hearing even more about your adventures in Charleston.

Sportsgirl said...

I used to have a laundromat near my gym, so I'd load the washing, go to the gym and then pick it up when it was done. I used to dry my clothes at home on the clothes rack.

Megan said...

Sure! Bring your dogs, bring some wine! We will have a laundry night/doggie play date! haha

Wow! You are a brave one. Not sure I could go back to the public laundry route...I'm not that patient!

Hope you're getting settled in and enjoying Charleston so far (despite the laundry issues).

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