Friday, June 8, 2012

The Friday Fives

FRIDAY!! I love you! It was my first week at my new job in Charleston and I couldn't be happier to see the weekend! It sucks working when you have a fabulous and amazing new city to explore! It's seriously making me die a little inside every day I have to come to work instead of walking the streets! bahah You know what I mean......

Today's Friday Five is all about my upcoming weekend of Charleston exploring. 

1. Social Wine Bar- Tonight is happy hour with my friend, Lindsay. I've actually never met her in person, but she's from a city next to mine back home and we have lots of mutual friends- very excited to have someone to hang out with and grab drinks!

2. Saturday Morning Farmer's Market- 1.4 miles from my apartment! Perfect walking distance.

3. Charleston Harbor Tour- I can't wait to have a tour guide tell me all about the different places along the way! Such a sucker for that! I feel a photo shoot coming on.... Expect lots of photos.

4.Glazed- Look. I get that I'm a Beachbody Coach and while I'm all about eating healthy and working out, I have to indulge once in awhile- and get it OUT OF MY SYSTEM! Glazed sounds just like the place to do it....I'm not a big donut fan, but I never eat them so when I do, they're pretty amazing. This place is downtown and is home to numerous "different" types of donuts. I'm dying to try the Bacon Covered Glazed. Sweet and Salty is my weakness!

Look at it. Just look. Gourmet Donuts....

5. Hominy Grill- I have heard mainly GREAT things about this brunchy type place downtown- a few "meh" reviews about how it's not all that as it's hype claims, but I'm giving it a try. Sunday brunch here I come.

What are your weekend plans? Visiting me? OK, come on! :)


LWLH said...

Looks like you have a fun weekend ahead of you :)

Megan said...

I went to Social Wine Bar last night and may go again tonight before dinner. Will probably go to the Vendue Roof Top Bar too which is close! Maybe I will see you at Social! If not, see ya tomorrow at the Farmer's Market!!

Megan said...

oh and my friend that is coming to visit wants to go to Glazed!

My aunt lives on Wentworth and we are coming to visit this summer!! I want to see your face, lady!

Here's hoping that you have a lot of fun with your friends and in and around Charleston Jenny, hopefully it's a real blast and you learn much more about the city!

I hope I get to visit Charleston sooner rather than later! I was so tired after my first week at my new job. It's an adjustment!

Sarah O said...

What a cute blog! My husband used to live in Charleston and we both loved it! Have a blast exploring it!

Anonymous said...

So fun! Glad you're taking advantage of the awesome things Charleston has to offer!!
If you like Thai food, Basil is a must! Also, you MUST go the Peninsula Grill for the coconut cake alone, I swear it will change your life (I don't even typically like coconut cake). Also, if you want to drive out to Sullivan's Island, Poe's Tavern is another one of our favorites!!!!! :)

Chris said...

Love that the farmer's market is so close! Have fun exploring your new city!

REBrown said...

I'm so jealous that you're so close to a farmer's market. We're so far away from one.

Jessie said...

Those doughnuts look AMAZING!!! Hopefully they were as good as they looked. I totally agree you have to get it out of your system and say that you've tried them.

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