Thursday, May 10, 2012

Resetting your body

Thursday already? I'll take it!!

I've been doing pretty OK with my eating since I've started the whole moving process, but my workouts have been slim to NONE unfortunately. I'm getting in a few, but not as many as I would like. 

I was looking over Beachbody's website this morning and really looking into their newest program, The Ultimate Reset. It's like a "cleanse" if you will, for your body, that's supposed to jump start and reset. I wasn't really interested at first- mainly because I've read articles that fully support the fact that you don't NEED a cleanse- your body doesn't NEED to be reset. I'm kinda still on the fence about it....but I saw some results from a few team members of mine and decided I MUST try it! The only bad part about it is there are NO workouts allowed on the reset- only yoga, basically. I wish I could have been doing this rest all this time while moving, damn! lol

It's a 21 day program and you still get to eat- just healthy (duh). 

You can read more about it here on my site- it's more informative than me sitting here typing it- I'm sure I'll miss something.

So, yeah, thinking about doing it in June....I'd really like to have someone to do it with me, so if you're interested let me know!! Serious resetters ONLY! lol I don't wanna be left hanging. 

 Afternoon supplements. Alkalinize is designed to help maintain alkalinity. It helps neutralize excess acid to support your immune system.

I'm willing to try anything once and as a Beachbody Coach I feel I SHOULD! That way I can tell people interested about MY results. 

WOO!! I'll let you know if I try it and I'll be sure to document the progress.....


I bought pH test strips on Amazon a few months ago. I'm horrified at how acidic my body is. I should mail you some so you can test your progress. Haha and yes, that totally made me sound like a nerd. Once a scientist, always a scientist!

I'm always interested in taking things to help my body out more and more so please let us know how this works out Jenny, I'd love to get rid of the acid in my system for sure.

REBrown said...

Let us know how it works!

Jenny said...

I definitely will let y'all know how it goes! I'm excited to document it! If it's as good as they claim I'll promote the crap out of it :)

Marion said...

21 days?! I've had relationships that didn't last that long. I will definitely be interested in how it works for you and I totally commend you for giving it a shot!
Happy weekend friend!
XO - Marion

LOL at your "Father thank you for this food" comment! I died laughing...:)

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