Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little things bring me stress

When I'm stressed, it's because of the little things- never big issues. It should definitely be the other way around. I guess when the little things add up, it becomes one HUGE big stressor...

After a looooong two days of traveling to South Carolina and back, I got my belongings moved. The hardest part is over...kinda. When me and my parents got there we noticed it was SO unbelievably hot in the apartment and the air was running....and HAD been running since yesterday according to the landlord, who lives next door. After 4 hours in the place and having the air set down to 70, we all concluded that the air unit was janked up. Great. Please add that to my list of things to worry about about. I hate being hot. It makes me ILL. If you want to see Jenny in the worst mood ever, break my air conditioner. lol 

The landlord was only there briefly (he does not own the house, mind you, so I'm sure anything that needs fixed he has to FIRST tell the owner of the house) but his answer to the OBVIOUS broken air unit was, "Well....it's been hot out. I changed the filter yesterday." Really? Because that has everything to do with why it's blowing NON cold air and not budging below 85. Thanks. Moron.

The movers I hired to unload my stuff was the best decision I ever made. Up until this move I always moved my stuff with the help of my parents. There's absolutely NO way I would have gotten my stuff up the steep stairs leading to my apartment. NO. WAY. Thank goodness for those movers...they were strong., One of them brought up my 56' TV all by himself. WTF?

Sorry I don't have photos of all this fun- that was the last thing on my mind. Looking back, it would have been smart of me to show you guys how steep the stairs were and how DIRTY the place was....OK, not DIRTY like Christina Aguilera's HEY DAY dirrty, but NOT clean, as I was told it would be. 

Look....I like cleaning, I do, but in this case I didn't bring anything to clean WITH and I couldn't unbox LOTS of my things because of that minor detail. Do you call crumbs on the counter and oven cleaner STILL in the oven clean?? I don't. Maybe I have high standards of what CLEAN is.....but....Not giving me a great first impression here, guys. I can tell the people who lived here before me didn't give two shits about their place of dwelling. Renting or owning, I ALWAYS keep my place nice and clean. It's a reflection of me and they didn't take care of anything.....Hell, the owner of this house should be paying ME to live here!!!!

So, at the end of the month when I return back the air better be fixed because I have lots of unboxing and moving around of stuff because the apartment wasn't cleaned beforehand. Assholes.

I don't know why I ever go into Old Navy. I say that same sentence every single time I do. Their clothes are HORRIBLY made. I'm looking for a simple, cute sundress since I stupidly forgot to keep some dresses with me while I'm still living in Alabama.....A simple and cute sundress doesn't exist at Old Navy unless it bags and sags in one place, fits in the other and just looks like crap. I hate Old Navy. OLD NAVY...you suck. I always knew you did, but now, you're on my BANNED list. hahaha

I am on a roll today. I need to go back to bed....fo sho. 


It's so cool to read about how your moving is going Jenny although I'm pretty sorry certain things are going wrong right now, that air conditioning issue sounds really irksome.

Marion said...

Bahahaha! Oh my gosh...I laughed in so many places in this post. My favorite is how you ended a sentence with the word "assholes" and then jumped into "I don't know why I ever go into Old Navy." So random and awesome.
And I'm glad you moved your stuff okay! Unpacking is kinda the worst...but at least you can clean + nest and get settled into your new digs. LOL at the Drrty reference (my fav Xtina song ever!)
Hopefully it cools down for you. Cranky Jenny is no bueno.
XO - Marion
PS - can't wait for pics of the new place!

That sucks, I'm sorry. Tell your acehole of a landlord to knock some money off of your security deposit and get the place professionally cleaned. Then drink a large adult beverage. I'm moving soon and I know how much it blows. Hang in there!

REBrown said...

I'm a neat freak too so it really pisses me off when stuff is dirty. When we moved into our house the lady that lived there before had smoked - there's still smoke leaching out of the walls on a daily basis - so gross!

LWLH said...

I always go in places prepared to clean. Even if they do clean, it's usually not as good as I would.

What a sucky situation, they better get that sir fixed ASAP.

I can't wait until you are settled in! I'm majorly stressing making the transition to a new job. I'm overjoyed about my new job, it's just hugely stressing to have to get everything at my current job wrapped up to hand over to someone else-yikes!! I will be happy when the next week is over and it's all behind me! Good luck w/ the rest of your big move and transition into your new job!

Sorry the move was bad. I know what you mean about being hot, I seriously turn into the devil. And don't get me started on old navy...hate that place.

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