Friday, May 11, 2012

Paging all bloggers who live in or AROUND Charleston...

HA! That phrase "in or around" reminds me of Dane Cook's "Someone has shit on the coats" skit....If you haven't heard's funny....I almost tried to recreate it for you...via typing. yeah. FAIL.

SOoooo, today is Friday!! I'm putting out a page for alllll bloggers in or around (HAHA) the Charleston, SC area! I got a little crazy-psycho last night and started stalking all the blogs I could find from people who live there! I just want to immerse myself in this city so much- I've NEVER felt this way. I am beyond thrilled to be moving to a place that people seem to love so much. I feel blessed and lucky.

If you're in the Charleston area- I already know a few of you- please speak up here and let me know! I'm dying to have a blogger meet-up! Something I've never been able to do in my three years of having this sweet blog of mine :)

I'm not one to rush through days and wish for the future to hurry up and get here....but I'm really looking forward to moving there at the end of the month :)

What are your weekend plans? My sweet friends are having different "going-away" type things for me. So sweet. I didn't really want them, but it just happened. I really do have sweet friends....One is cooking Spicy Chicken Enchilada's Friday and then the other is barbecuing Saturday. YESSS...

Happy Friday!!


Have fun at your goodbye party Jenny, here's hoping that you have a great time in Charleston too.

It's pretty amazing balls that we have so much in common. I love me some Dane. I pretty much love everything he says, so it's hard to choose a skit I love most. I do enjoy the one about getting hit by a car and having your shoes fly off or maybe the monkey heist. Anyways, have fun with your peeps this weekend. You'll miss them more than you know!!!

Jenny said...

Thanks guys!!!

And Stephanie- YES. We're totally meant to be friends and I feel lucky to have found you in this big sea of bloggers :)

Ariana said...


megan said...

You know I am! :) Hope you have a fun weekend!

I live in Charleston :)

I live in Charleston too:

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