Friday, May 11, 2012

Space saving "makeup table"

WOO!! I have a solution to a very first-world problem....

In my new apartment there isn't ANY bathroom counter space- which is where I'm used to doing my make-up. The best solution in my mind was to start doing my makeup and hair in my bedroom- more space, less humidity anyway.

While there is PLENTY of space in the master bedroom, the only available wall left for a "make-up table" used to be a friggin' fireplace- yeah true story....I'll take a photo once I get back to Charleston. This former fireplace is no longer, but the floor part of the fireplace is still there, if that makes sense....and it's not flush with the floor, so a table would have to be SUPER slim and tiny...that's tough to find...

Enter Pinterest and this pin:

TA freaking DA! Two white floating shelves (that I wanted to buy ANYWAY) turns into a "desk" of sorts. I probably won't be sitting to do my make-up, never have, but I can just imagine these two shelves next to my full length mirror. No floor space required.

I understand this is simply two shelves on a wall, but humor me, aiyt?

It looks cute.

I'm happy.

Project officially added to my to-do list :) At least my make-up will now have a home.


LWLH said...

That looks great girl!!
And for sure is a space saver.

That is an awesome idea. So cute and such good use of space too :)

This is a great idea Jenny, great way to utilise space.

safire said...

LOVE PINTEREST! I love the idea of organizing beauty products :) this looks like an amazing project.

Have a lovely weekend!

So cute! Genius idea. Wonder if I could get hubs to make me one too. Looks fabulous!

Veronika said...

VERY cute! a creative way to save space, yet so simple :)

This is such an awesome idea! Whenever you end up putting it together, definitely show the finished product!!!

Happy Monday,

Jenny said...

Thanks guys! I'll definitely document the project ;)

The Notebook always makes me cry too but it is just such a good movie! It one of those that I could just watch over and over again.

The Tiny Heart

It looks super cute! Love it!

REBrown said...

Very nice - I've been looking for some sort of vanity like this. I may just have to make it!

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