Monday, April 23, 2012

My first trip to Charleston, SC.....

#1: Did I tell you guys I found renters for my house? The people I showed it to last week really loved it, as anyone SHOULD ;) They were super sweet and can't wait to move in! That's great because I, too, found a place to rent in Charleston!!

Friday I jetted over to Charleston, SC to search for my new "home"- Ok, jetted is not so much the word as it took me a good 6.5-7 hours along with a time change. ugh. Eastern time really does suck- how DO you guys do it? I love central time way better. lol I'm not up too late waiting for my shows to come on...and no, I don't have a freaking DVR.

Friday I was scheduled to view a few places- it's funny because the first place I looked at was the place I ended up putting a deposit down on. Funny how that works. I found out about this apartment unit downtown through a long line of mutual friends of friends. 

It starts with Andi, a blogger and friend on FB who I just adore. She has been a big help, obviously, in my planning for Charleston! Andi recommended I get in touch with her friend Suzanne, who used to live in Charleston. Suzanne was a GIANT help as well and told me I should definitely speak to HER friend, Hollis, who still lives in Charleston. So...that's what I did. Hollis is the sweetest girl!! I've only talked to her via text and e-mail but she was more than willing to answer any and ALL of my annoying back-to-back questions. Well, Hollis gave me a relator's e-mail address, named Pete. Pete helped her at one time with apartment hunting, etc. I e-mailed Pete with a few places downtown I wanted to look at- he agreed to show me these places Friday, along with a unit beside him (he's the landlord). His tenants were looking to move by May 1st. A bit early for me, but, hey, if I liked it!

Long story short- I liked it :) It's small. Not TOO small and definitely the cutest of the lot I looked at downtown. One place was in a nice area by a dog park and everything, but the carpet was jankety stained and the bedrooms were SUPER small. This unit is one of four in an old historic home from the 1900s. I love that it has character.

Street View

Closer view. My unit is the upstairs, right!

Master bedroom! One thing I NEEDED was a two bedroom! I have too much stuff! Even a two bedroom is still going to be a tight fit, downsizing from a 3 bedroom house to a two bedroom...flat!

Closet area of the master. Scared about the small closest, what ya gotta do. 

TINY living space. ugh. I have a sectional couch and only one piece is going to fit- along with my big chair I have. Yikes. By the way- it's disappointing that people don't make any sort of effort to liven up their places. I'm sure it's not everyone, but every place I went into downtown was pretty boring and dumpy (decor wise). This place has so much potential and I intend to utilize it!

Second bedroom. Smaller, but still nice size for downtown. Unless you want to pay out the butt for rent!

Kitchen space. No more dining room table :( To storage you go....Oh, might I add there isn't a washer/dryer NOR dishwasher. Eh. I'm over it. After looking at places that DID have them, I came back to this, so I must not care too much...for now :) Dishwasher, I can live without, but a washer/dryer? Thankfully a lot of my clothes are dry clean anyway. 

The entryway, I loved! The hardwood floors and long entryway really got me :)

Yeah, awesome shower! HAHA JUST kidding. This was in the ratty Motel 6 I stayed in. Does it NOT look like a Star Wars teleporter or stand-up tanning bed? Weird, yo. 

Being a tourist :) 

The Battery, is indeed, amazing!!


megan said...

Glad you found a spot that you love and that's close enough walking distance to your new job! Let me know when you get settled in and we'll have a Brady date! :)

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

That shower as weird as it is actually looks pretty damn awesome, great photos in general Jenny, best of luck with everything.

REBrown said...

At first I thought that shower was in your new apartment and I got a little scared!

I love the kitchen - it's small but super cute.

Kelly said...

The kitchen was my fav. It's quite cute! Im sure you can make the best of everything and you can always try to upgrade later. :)

Kelly at Journey to a New Me

Megan said...

so glad you found a place! can't wait to have our first happy hour this summer!! So what did you think of Charleston??

Congrats on your new place! We just went through the ordeal of trying to find someone to rent our condo when we move. Isn't it nerve wracking? Glad you found someone :)


D'Rae said...

Bicycling in a skirt is easy! Just make sure to wear a pair of shorts under so you don't flash people. Then you can always take the shorts off once you arrive at your destination. You can also get a basket or bag that attaches to you bike so you can keep a change of clothes or shoes in there if need be.

So glad you found a place! Hooray! Definitely utlize your bike - downtown is suited well for riding your bike, you'll love it. And then you don't have to worry as much about parking. :) And tell Meghan to include me in on your Brady furry child needs some new friends. :)

Molly said...

Welcome to Charleston! I live DT as well- you will love it! If you are above the crosstown there is a great dog park nearby. Good luck getting settled!

I am loving that shower, btw ;)

LWLH said...

I can't wait to see how you decorate it!

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