Thursday, April 19, 2012

Charleston move and Beachbody update

Hello, hello ladies and gents! Just a small update on what's been happening for your stressed-out blogger friend....

#1. Possible renter of my house: I'm showing my house to a girl today who's looking to move closer to her job. She seems REALLY into my house (Who wouldn't be? HELLO. It's like a dollhouse, mmkay?) So let's just hope and pray it'll work for her. That'll be one less thing I have to worry myself to death over.

My little house. I will miss you so much....It's weird to be going from owning to renting again, but technically I still own. That kinds makes me feel better about it all- If ever I wanted to move back into this beauty I could if need be. I'll always have a home here. 

 My first ever flower bed....that lasted about two months. HA! I do NOT have a green thumb. 

Me opening my front door for the first time. NERD alert. Thanks for the photo memory, Mom! lol

That being said...I can't believe I'll be living in this gorgeous city. The other night I was stalking photos of Charleston and got chills. I hope it everything I've heard and imagined it to be. 

#2. Apartment/house searching this weekend: Taking the 7.5 hour drive to Charleston to look for a place to squat. hahaa. I have a list of places I'm looking at and this is really my only shot. I have high hopes that at least ONE place is going to work out. Downtown would be awesome to do for a year at least- just to be in the epicenter of it all. I found a few places within my budget that are in safe streets/areas and don't look TOO shabby or bug-infested.

#3. I signed a Beachbody Coach under my team: This is HUGE news! I became a Beachbody coach to motivate people with their workouts and to earn extra cash for times JUST like this (moving!!! Dog surgery, etc) and signing coaches up under you is a great success! it helps build your business and grows your team. My fellow blogger, Stephanie, joined my team and she is a dynamo and ready and willing to commit to this as her business- Also check out her blog! It's really informative and awesome. I love the girl- she's a great motivator and she's going to do some awesome things! If at any point you decide making some extra money and getting a discount off products is something you'd like to get into (work at your own pace, as many hours as you can dedicate) let me know or go here and click COACH.

Thank you to ALL of you who have given me advice and help on Charleston and my big move. It's been such a HUGE help and now I at least have people I know there. WOO!! to rent a house :)


That is SO exciting! My sister lives on Johns Island and it is BEAUTIFUL! Not to mention, I'm trying to talk my other half into getting married down there :-)

Fingers crossed that you find a place! (and that you get a great renter for your house)

Best of luck with the big move Jenny, here's hoping you'll get a place to live in Charleston soon. So sorry to hear that you're leaving your first house behind, that must be a little tough, best of luck with everything Jenny.

AWW, I think you just made my heart swell a little bit. I am SO happy you found my blog! I feel like I have a great opportunity ahead of me and a friend for life. :)

Chris said...

Your home is adorable, but think of it this way... you can decorate a new place! Always fun!


REBrown said...

Your house is so cute! I'm sure your new one in Charleston will be just as darling.

Kish said...

Your house really is cute. I can see myself on that porch...

Pink Glam said...

Your house is super cute! we are selling ours, and buying a new one.. except the buying happened before we sold lol. Good luck on everything. It will all work out well.

LWLH said...

Your house is adorable :)

MaviDeniz said...

Your house is so cute! Change can be hard, but moving to a new city is so exciting too. Good luck with the move :)


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