Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moving Date set!

Am I boring you with all this moving talk yet? :)

My parent's are helping me move to Charleston next weekend. yes. So very soon. I can't believe this is all happening so quickly.

I've been packing all this week and it's not SO bad. Sucks to see stuff I love go to storage, but I'm also a bit relieved. As much as I love clothes and nice furniture and home decor, I'm kinda glad to be putting it away- it makes you realize what truly is important. It's nice to have nice things, I'll be the first one to say it, TRUST ME, but it's also nice to not HAVE to need all these things in your life. I'm actually looking forward to living in a smaller apartment with my two babies and just enjoying the city :) I've always wanted to live in the middle of the hustle and bustle- and although Charleston isn't really "hustle and bustle," it's perfect for what I want....for a little while anyway :-)  

So, please, don't feel bad for me because I'm renting out my home to go live in a smaller place. I guarantee you I'll be living it up and not even caring how big it is. It may take some adjusting, but such is life. One great big adjustment every time you turn around. 

I'm moving my stuff next weekend, but will still be in Alabama until the end of May. I've decided to stay with my parents for the remainder of the month- thank GOD I'm going to hangout Fest the next weekend. I love my family, but living with them again is a bit different. lol Even though they're both super cool!

Who else is going to Hangout Fest?? What could be better than bands, beer and beaches??? NOTHING!


You're definitely not annoying me at all with the moving talk Jenny, this is seriously great news for you. Best of luck with everything.

Marion said...

So I have been MIA in reading my go-to blogs lately, so I jump on yours and have spent the last 15 minutes catching up on your crazy, busy, evolving life! OMG Jenny! So excited for you (Sorry I'm so late to the party). You signed another coach, you accepted a new job, you're renting your (adorable) house, and your moving! Wow. I am impressed. Good luck with the move...can't wait to hear how it goes!

XO - Marion
PS - Star Wars was my first thought when I saw that shower!! LOL! I was kinda disappointed to learn it wasn't in your new place :)

Once you get settled in we'll have to get together!! Very happy it's all coming together for you! I think you will love Charleston.

safire said...

Good luck with moving and settling in! Super exciting to start a new chapter in your life :)

AnaV said...

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Good luck!

Ana V

so exciting! I love charleston and would love to live there - such a pretty city and everyone is so fabulously preppy!! No hangout fest for me - enjoyed it last year but was a one and done for me!

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