Monday, March 26, 2012

Damn you, Suri.

BAHA!! Ok, so this video of Suri and Katie just cracked me up. Why?

Because I was, apparently, once a young Suri myself. Wanting to be picked up and carried by my mom until I was just too damn heavy to pick up! My family used to joke that I'd be carried to prom by my Mom.

After watching this video, I started scanning YouTube for other Suri videos. And...Oh God. I was Suri Cruise when I was a child....I think I'm obsessed now.... 


Kelly said...

Hahaha, TOO funny!! She is SIX, wow! Katie seems like such a great mom though :-) A funny joke between my sister and I is that she wants to be SJP when she grows up... and I've always said that I want to be Suri when I grow up ;-)

Jenny said...

LMAO! That's hilarious, because its true! I'd be Suri when I grow up!! And yes, Katie does seem like SUCH an awesome mother. I've always loved her!

I find Suri seriously cute, I'm with Jenny that she seems a great mother too!

REBrown said...

I was sort of that way - my mom rocked me to sleep until I was too big to fit in the rocking chair!

oh gosh, that little video of suri wanting her mom to carry her is so precious! her and katie are seriously one in the same!
xo TJ

Courtney B said...

Ah! She is PRECIOUS! And I really like Katie Holmes... such a good momma!

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