Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The big V-Day post!!

I had such a great day! Valentine's Day, no matter if you think it's a big commercialized hoopla or a time for being extra mushy with your lovah, just makes me feel happy inside. I love making candies for friends and going out to dinner with my ladies.

Here's what I wore to work and to post work sushi dinner. hahaha It's the SHADIEST, crap-tastic photo ever taken, but you get the idea. And I can't help but smile when I see my newest addition on my ankle :)

 Here's the gang who had dinner tonight. Three of them are married/dating someone and us other three are the single-solo flyers. I don't care one bit that I'm single. I love being single every second of every day! :) I can do anything I damn well please and then some. WAHOO!!! I loved spending time with all my friends.....and Erin enjoyed her date- the bottle of wine. lol See below....

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so tempted to go buy a shit ton of half-priced candy tomorrow....but I don't think Shaun T would like that.....


Maybe I'm just weird (probably a reason for my singleness) but when I saw your headline, I immediately thought, "The Big Vagina Day Post." Hmmmm........

REBrown said...

How fun! I too also think about lady bits when I hear VDay. I guess depending on your plans it could mean that...shew!

You look great in the photo, it's good to hear you had such a great Valentine's Day too Jenny, sounds like good fun!

Marion said...

Jenny - you crack me up. Seriously...who else calls their photos "crap-tastic?" Love it!
And I spent a good 2 minutes trying to figure out if you are standing on a shower drain...and if so, does that mean you are in the shower, and if so, who keeps a garbage can in their shower?

Yes...deep thoughts my Marion :-)
I do love your dress + necklace though! So perfect for a big V-day!
XO - Marion
PS - Being single certainly doesn't suck! Although I'm happily married, I miss those care-free days sometimes :-)

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