Friday, February 17, 2012

Clothing space expansion!

WEE!!! Finally got the new rolling clothing rack put up- very easy to assemble!

This thing is making everything much more organized on the fashion front already.

Honestly, I could probably use two, but the little second bedroom just won't hold two AND my desk. Oh, well.


I decided that this new rolling rack would be home to my blazers, suits, cardigans and tights/belts. I'm pleased. I still have TWO closets full (one for dresses and the other tops and pants), but this relieves some of the squished-ness that both closets were starting to become.

Shoes. Nuff said.

 Shoes with no home- Need another rack!

Does anyone else find it hard to purge clothes and shoes? I honestly try, but I like everything I have! No, I don't wear a lot of it (mostly because it doesn't fit right now. Eek), but I know eventually I will. I just find that most of my pieces can be incorporated for years to come.


Pink Glam said...

lol i need to sell some shoes! i have some that i have never worn!

A.Co said...

OMG I have THE-HARD-EST time purging clothes!! Wahh!! I have five garbage bags full of 'em just sitting in the closet for six months now because I didn't want to give them away right away in case I changed my mind!! C'MON! lol. It's bad.

I agree about getting rid of clothes. But I am actually setting up to write a post on this :)

Anyway, I bought a wall closet setup from the container store over the summer but have yet to put it up. Grrr this post of yours just reminded me.


Congratulations on the extra space! I know if I had a bigger room I'd definitely have to do something like this, it kind of sucks to have nowhere to put your stuff and need to throw out old clothes to make room.

REBrown said...

I'm the worst at purging my closet. We're getting ready to move (hopefully) and I just did it. It was painful!

Lil' Woman said...

You can always donate some of that to me ; )

Jennifer B said...

You have an insane amount of shoes!!

CH said...

I'm so bad at purging! Love the extra storage. My overflow clothes are on the guest room bed... Not a good solution at all!

I seriously think we are twins separated at birth...I bought an extra clothing rack for my guest room to hang my extra dresses that didn't fit in the guest closet on...and it's now disassembled because it fell over because I have too many clothes...and I try to purge and somehow end up with MORE. :)

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