Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Digs 2012

I don't usually blog after awards shows about the attire that was worn, but I couldn't help but do it today. I loved a lot of what people were wearing! I'm only going to get into the ones who I thought looked awesome and will refrain from the people who looked hideous (i.e. Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. Sorry. Blue hair and a blue dress is just ugly.)

Rihanna. My favorite! She's stunning, sexy and hot! Not only in her black dress, but her pant suit she wore to a pre-grammy party a few days earlier. I LOVE IT! I'd wear that junk right now if I had it! I posted the pant suit photo on my Facebook wall and the dudes didn't think it was as sexy as I did- that's great, because I don't dress for dudes :)

LOVED Jessi J's dress. fashion forward, yet classy.

 Seriously? Carrie rarely EVER looks horrible. 

Kelly Rowland's dress was feminine and really showed off her shape.

Not sure about his Victoria Secret model GF, but Adam Levine looked handsome and HOT as usual. Loved his suit. His GF, on the other hand, not a big fan. I feel like the dress was more beachy than Grammy. 

I don't like Taylor Swift. Sorry. However, her dress was stunning and she wore it well. The back was my favorite. I just love open backs!

Any favorites on your "Best Dressed" list from last night?


Marion said...

Totally right on about Rihanna. She looks gorgeous...totally appropriate for the Grammys. And I'm right there with you about Adam's GF. It's just a little...desperate (not sure if that is the word...but I'm going to go with it!) looking. I mean, youre a VS model...we get it!
Oh, and the back of Taylor's dress is stunning. I think open backs are so sexy.
Happy Monday friend!
XO - Marion

I agree both Perry and Minaj's outfits were horrendous and were overshadowed by such amazing outfits such as Kelly's, Adam's (who never looks poorly dressed at awards ceremonies) and Taylor's.

Loren said...

I'm not a fan of hers, but I thought Kelly Osbourne looked amazing!

Kelly said...

I loooooooooooved Rihanna's dress too!! Definitely my FAVE of the night. Adam's GF's dress was butt ugly, yuck. And I actually liked Taylor's dress too. My favorite part was the big border along the train. Pretty!!

jas said...

I loved Carrie's dress!

I love these posts because I never watch the awards shows, and I love pretty dresses :) The first Rhianna and last Taylor are my favorites!

Lil' Woman said...

I loved those but I really wasn't a fan of Taylors.

REBrown said...

I wasn't a huge fan of Rhiannas or Taylor's hair choices. They could have put more work into it.

I really like Katy Perry's dress, but her hair was terrible too. Somebody needs to get some hair up in there!

Jennifer B said...

I absolutely love Carrie Underwood! You're right- she always looks so great! And Katy Petty- what a wreck!

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