Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry, Merry Christmas!

For your viewing pleasure....a plethora of photos of my 2011 Holiday Decor.

Next year I've decided to have a wreath especially for ALL of my owl ornaments :)

Well? Which is it? ;)

Santa's Helpers

Do NOT judge me. I wasn't about to climb on the rooftop.


Just Jinny said...

That last photo is hilarious. I love your tree and the colors AND the feathers on top. Super CUTE!

REBrown said...

I love all of your owl and peacock ornaments - so chic! All of our christmas ornaments are old and dog chewed.

Rach said...

Oh gosh I love the color scheme of your tree and ornaments!

Marion said...

So so fun! I am obsessed with Christmas decor so I loved this post! I especially love the fact that we have ALMOST the same Naughty/Nice towels hanging from our stove. Gotta love it :-)

XO - Marion

Elle said...

omg. i have to huas too!! my little ones are tica and tommy. ill have to post some pics of them soon! your babies are adorable!

Kelly said...

LOVE your white tree, just gorgeous!! And a Christmas tree dedicated to OWLS? Simply adorable :-)

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