Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HANA Professional Flat Iron Review

Soooo, I was contacted by Missiko branding, asking if I wanted to review the HANA 1" Ceramic Flat Iron. Well, duh. A lot of people, I've heard, say it's the best flat iron they've ever used...that and their hair dryers.

As an avid user of flat irons, because my hair is thick and big, I jumped on that chance- and also figured you all may want to an honest opinion as case you're in the market for a flat iron.

Let's get started, shall we?

First of all, the loot they sent (which was a LOT of stuff. Seriously. It was like Christmas morning up in my crib.)

FREE CANDY? Hell yes!
Never tried ELF cosmetics. Cool they sent big sized products.

THE Flat iron

HANA 1" Flat Iron Specs:
-Tourmaline Ceramic Plates
-Floating Plates, which auto-adjust to hair texture/thickness
-Curved Plate Edges for curling, flipping, etc.
-Adjustable temps up to 450 degrees
-Swivel, tangle-free cord
-Currently on sale at Missiko for $120.00

So, my first reaction when I knew the size iron, was that of defeat. My hair is thick and I  knew that the 1" wouldn't be big enough. I'd be straightening ALL damn day!

My current flat iron is by SEDU and I love it. It has big plates and heats up to the same temp as the HANA, so obviously this will be what I compare it to.

I've had my current flat iron for years now- and I can always tell when it's getting older because it doesn't feel as "hot" and doesn't straighten quite as well, but still works great!

The HANA iron was very tiny....I felt like my giant hands would crush it. lol. I separated my hair in three section as I normally do and started straightening. At first it didn't feel like it was hot enough (and that temp was set WAY up baybay), but after awhile I decided that it was, in fact, hot (After stupidly touching a plate. I know...I KNOW.)

I think it'd be best if I made a Pros and Cons list.

-Did in fact straighten well. No dents or frizz.
-Easy to use.
-Love the swivel cord.
-In my opinion it works best for thin to medium thickness hair.
-It was free. Hello, lady!!

-It snagged at my hair :( It hurt.
-The little plates just weren't big enough for my thick hair. A bigger plated iron would have DEFINITELY given this iron an A++++ for me. The specs say the plates "float" in order to compensate for different variants of hair thickness, but I just thought it felt though the little iron wasn't able to get to all the hairs.

Overall Score: A-

It's hard to tell right now if I'll use this HANA or my Sedu for future straightening. I'll probably use the HANA a few more times before I decide. It's always nice to have a good backup flat iron in case mine goes kaput, so thank you Missiko, for choosing me to review!

Do any of you use HANA hair products for styling? How do you like them?

Disclaimer: This post contains a product/s sample that was sent to me for consideration. The opinions expressed in this post are all my own, from my personal experience with using this product.


Hannah said...

well since my name is hannah, i am naturally apt to liking hana products haha!! i'm in the market for a new flat iron...but i'm with you on that, i love the big plates! can't do the small!

Elle said...

ive never used their hair products but i do love my some ELF! ELF has the best angled eyeliner brush for one buck!!! holler!!

REBrown said...

I've never tried anything from hana before. My hair is stick straight naturally (it's not a good thing) so I don't ever have to straighten it.

It's cool they gave you so many goodies though!

Anonymous said...

I really need a new flat iron, it's between one of these and a CHI. So torn!

Looks amazing !!!

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Blossom said...

I've never used that brand, but I love a 1" iron. I have a bigger one but I find it snags on my fine hair. And yes, generally I would consider my hair to be straight, but I need a flat iron (every day!) to get my hair very straight like I like it. We don't have ELF in Canada, but last time I was in the U.S. I bought one of their lip glosses and it's awesome for only being $1!

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