Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, Target Finds!

So, I saw a top on a fellow blogger's post today and just DIED. I don't know what about it I loved so much. Maybe the cute neckline? The lovely gold color? Don't know- but I booked it to Target after work today and came home with the top in the gold and a print color (which I realize is very Mardi Gras-esque colors) and a scarf. I'm a happy girl. I love colors and can't wait to mix these into my fall wardrobe with blazers and cardigans!! WOO HOO!!!

Mardi Gras time!! WOOO!!

 I know these tops look totally dumb and shapeless in these photos, but are super flattering and cuteness in person! The tops of these shirts look like a dress I own from Anthropologie, so duh...I love it.

With Infinity scarf. Cute!

Do you usually shop for clothing at Target? Most times I can't find anything to fit right. Something is always off about their sizing, but sometimes, like today, I find a bargain :) The dress I wore for my birthday outing was also from Target! Go me!


Love Target...I go there all the time! I saw those tops and passed them over, I'll have to try them on next time. Which blogger did you see them on? Curious to stalk a styling ;)

Robin said...

So cute! And the top looks like our chemise that we both own!

Loren said...

I shop there all the time! I actually got the first top you showed and love it just as much as you do :)

PinkLouLou said...

:) glad you liked em!!

Jessica said...

I love target! Those tops are really cute and I love that scarf!

Veronika said...

i need that top!!! too cute :)

I agree that some things don't always fit right but if I can find something that fits me, I definitely buy from Target.

I love the tops and scarf though!

Kelly said...

Okay, that's IT!! I am going back to Target TOMORROW and buying that tank!! I saw them the other day and was instantly drawn to the mustard top, but figured that even though it was SO cute, the cut would be all wrong on me. Glad to know that they are flattering!! Thanks Jenny... I now have to go spend $$ at Target, hehehe ;-)

i saw these today and swooned over them!! didn't have time to try on...but i am headed back asap! allllll of the patterns are adorable

Rach said...

I saw these on Loulou's blog too and must have them! The neckline looks so flattering. I never turn down an excuse to spend some moolah at target.

i love being able to find things at target. i try and limit how much i go there because i go crazy, especially because the one by me has the grocery store too. everything i need :) lol

Anonymous said...

That scarf is to die for! So cute! My Target didn't have that.

CH said...

So cute! I went to my Target last night and couldn't find them (they're not online either), but I'll keep stalking!

Seriously, because of this post, I'm booking it to Target in search of that top! The Mardi Gras colors are gorgeous (& nostalgic; I used to live in New Orleans). So glad I found you. :)

Ashley said...

I saw and loved that shirt on her too! Glad you had some luck finding it :)

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