Friday, August 5, 2011

True Life: I'm a [Blah-dy Blah] Random Blogger

YO! Happy Friday Finally!!! Today, I'm doing something a bit different....I'm linking up, fools. With Tara @ Fabulous but Evil and Mrs. Monologues for a new link up series called "True Life: I'm a ______blogger!" This week is for all the "general" life bloggers. Or, as I call us, the random freaks who don't belong. Am I right?!! HA!.

Here's the rundown:
1. I'm a blogger of two-ish years.
2. I'm a soon to be 28 year old, in October. Yikes. And Woo hoo!
3. My children consist of two Chihuahuas: Brady and Chiva. They're my kids. Don't look at me like I'm crazy.
4. I'm full of sarcasm and wit. Yes, I just bragged.
5. I'm single.
6. I cook. Very well. Come on ova.
7. Pinot Noir is my fave.
8. I secretly pretend to not really care about Kate Middelton.....but, I love her. WANT TO BE HER!!!! haha Just kidding. No. really. Obsessed.
9. I'm also obsessed with Paul Rudd and everything about him.

Chiva and Brady. Homies 4 Life.

If you decide to read my blog, please know that:
1. I have no rhyme, reason or theme. I talk about what I want and that's that. Don't fence me in. I don't like it.
2. Anthropologie is MY favorite store of all time. 
3. I love Britney Spears in all her skankiness. Please expect random Britney posts or posts about her and her inability to sing and dance. 
4. Photos of my dogs pop up frequently.
5. I'm currently doing the Insanity Workout. I'm obsessed with it and talking about it. That's my main focus as of late, so I hope you like working out and not sitting on your ass on your couch.
6. Cussing is permitted around these parts. If it feels natural, I say it. Yep.
7. Book reviews. Slowly but surely I'm re-finding time to read. HALLELUJAH! 

Leave NOW {please} if you:
A. ....don't like dogs.
B. .... expect to read about marriage bliss and children. No.
C. ......have no sense of humor......I have faith that you all do. Don't let me down.

Peace out!

(I don't usually highlight my stupid font, but Blogger is being STUPID and for some reason won't let me take it off!!!! What the F. Just accept that the font in this post is JACKED. I hate you Blogger.)


Dogs and cussing are a big theme of my blog too! So glad you linked up!!

That 'stache muge - must have! As for the Insanity workout, I don't know how you do it. I'm still on The Shred right now and started level 2 yesterday and that almost passed me out!

Lil' Woman said...

A girl with a love of pups and a potty mouth, hello new friend,.

And don't worry...I am getting married this month but I assure you between the "I puffy heart Big Man" there is alot of "I'm gonna stab him in the effin face!"

Hahaha I'm in love! I love Britney too & love you even more for "B. You expect to read about marriage bliss and children. No." -- loves!

Melissa C said...

Hahaha, I love your blog already!

Celia said...

wheee! here from the link up! ... newest follower here! i giggled reading your post!

Sara said...

Love it! Your blogs sounds a whole lot like my blog! Puppies, cooking and loving Kate Middleton!

Kate said...

I love love love Kate Middleton too! She's so freaking beautiful. Ugh. I kinda hate her. ;) I'm following, because I like your swearing is appropriate stance. Right on, sister. :)

Melissa said...

very cool! I'm doing the Insanity workout too!! Today is Day 5 for me. How's it going for you so far??

I love Britney's messed up ass too! LOL! New follower!

Savanah said...

I'll be 28 in October too :) And I LOVE any kind of furbabies!!

Shelley said...

You had me at chihuahuas!! We have a chihuahua mix and adore her!

Melissa said...

I couldn't reply to your comment through email so I came back to the blog :P
I kinda blog about my Insanity workouts, but I do it on Tumblr :D
I saw your insanity posts and am looking forward to more, I love hearing about how it's going for others!

Jennifer B said...

Ok, new follower here! I instantly fell in love with your post and laughed throughout it!

1. LOVE Britney. Seriously. I don't care how much of a train wreck she continues to be, I'm all homie for her all day, every day.
2. Kate Middleton. We need a clone because I want to be here too. And I also pretend to not care at all about her. Though, I think my cover was blown when I got up at 5:30am to watch the royal wedding.
3.What the fuck is the Insanity Workout??
4. Buy me some Anthropologie?

Cole said...

You have adorable fur-kids!! I'm a new follower from the link up. :-)

I gotta find out what this Insanity workout is right now! I'm a big fan of cussing. And Anthropologie, and books, and dogs. Looking forward to reading more! (Found you through the True Life linkup!)

tara said...

bahahaha. ok. very few blogs make me laugh within the first few sentences! definitely going to follow!

REBrown said...

What little cuties!

MaviDeniz said...

that cup is awesome! i liked reading this post. it was quirky and funny! and i agree. i hate reading blogs about families, marriage and kids. boring! hehe


Sarah Jane said...

Ohh i am going to loveee your blog. that mug is awesome along with all the other pictures. Cannot wait to read/see more little lady.

-Sarah from

Jennifer B said...

ps: YES! Please tell me what is in chicken mcnuggets!!! Maybe you can get me to stop eating them!

Just Jinny said...

I wish I had some witty comment to leave you. Because then you would think I'm bad ass, you would come and read my blog, and then we would totally become Blog BBF's...talking about our dogs, drinking wine, and the wonderful hot mess that is Britney Spears.

But, I'm lame. SSooo..I like your blog. That's all I got..BOOM!

Mrs. Smith said...

There's nothing weird about children with four legs and fur. I've got 3 of my own. :)

And OMG PAUL RUDD!!! So underrated! Love him.

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