Friday, July 29, 2011

Brady's Bladder + Insanity Week 3 Update

Mmm McDonald's coffee is delicious this morning, but simply not doing it for me. Nothing will help me except some quality sleep, which I'm not sure I'll get for another week or so.

I didn't mention it on my blog because I just didn't feel like explaining and getting into it (because for one, I was a little upset about it), but Brady, my first born (read: one of my Chihuahuas) went under the knife Tuesday to remove a big bladder stone that was causing him to pee blood. What's funny is that this has been going on for 10 months. My family vet flushed out his urethra back in October because of some small crystals he saw on X-ray....well, apparently he missed one and it grew...and grew....and Brady then needed surgery to get it removed. I was worried about him going under, but knew recovery would be worse on us both.

Brady's kick-ass pallet on my bedroom floor. No high surfaces for awhile....

I hate that he can't run and jump around. It's been 3 days and I'm exhausted from waking up throughout the night to make sure he's OK and/or not licking at his stitches, so they'll heal. Poor baby. He's resilient, however. Great guy :)

Insanity Week 3 Update:
This week has taken its toll on my body. I've followed my Insanity schedule, but have started feeling weak during the workouts, especially in my legs.

I have freakin' dead legs. Feels like dragging lead around during a workout. It's horrible. Stress definitely puts a beating on your body, even when you don't realize it. I'm also going to add some more calories into my diet- The scale hasn't budged at ALL and I refuse to fail this week. 1 pound is my goal.

Hoping tonight's workout will be better.....and I hope I can catch up on some rest this weekend.


Robin said...

I'm glad Brady is okay and I hope he heals quickly!

Keep it up! I can't wait to start so we can be insanity sisters together... that scale will move soon enough, and you're going to have a rockin hot bod! (Not that you don't have one already ;) )

jennie said...

Oh boo on your baby's surgery. He's HELLA cute, though, on that pile of blankets! Our oldest furbaby had surgery last winter on his knee, so I'm feeling you with the exhaustion of waking up during the night. If they only knew what we did for them, eh? ;)

I see you're reading Rob Lowe's autobiography and I'm curious to read what you think of it!

Hope Brady feels better soon!

Pink Glam said...

Glad he is doing ok :) thats always scary.
Keep focused and you will do great and reach your goal!

So glad your dog is okay and recovering! I'm sure you're taking great care of him.

REBrown said...

Oh no! Feel better little guy.

Alison G said...

I'm another Insanity do-er! Keep it up. I'm in the last two weeks of it and it's just awesome/horribly difficult. I'd love if you dropped by my blog! www.leanwalletleanbody. Good luck with the workouts and nice to know there's someone out there as crazy as I am. Cheers!

Rach said...

Poor little guy! Hope he is doing better! Brady is so lucky to have a momma like you who takes such good care of him :)

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