Saturday, August 6, 2011

Here I am. Stir-fry me like some chicken breast.

How ya like that throwback Scorpion song blog title? I know ya love it.

So, would you all like to know how I spent my Friday evening?...........................I KNEW it. OK, so after work it started with some of this:

Followed by a semi-wet (rain, people) journey for groceries here:

{Uhm. Why the Hell does that Publix look all elaborate and junk? Is this real life?}
By the time I got home, I was about to eat my first-born dog. I whipped up this stir-fry from Insanity's meal plan:

{First time trying La Croix Sparkling Water in the flavor of Lime. ha! Sparkling water from a can. Is that class or what? Class. Freakin'. Act.} 
There's nothing better than some chicken least last night there wasn't. Seriously...y'all, I inhaled that shizz like it was about to vanish Harry Potter style off my plate! I was breathing all hard and bit my lip because of my fast and furious eating.

Speaking of that canned water- any of you like La Croix (how very French haha!)? If so which flavor?? Because I'm buying more...either grapefruit or berry....Need advice. Like, by tomorrow.

So, after I ate, I watched some YouTube videos and then TLC's wedding show BS-palooza. Fun Friday, HELLO!!??
Hey, also, listen, I'm so glad I found so many new blogs to read via the link-up. Love it!! I have lots in common with you ladies and can't wait to read more from you! Please keep commenting. I love comments and I promise I'll reply back to you and we'll have outstanding conversations. 

*Cheers* (holding up my sodium free, sugar free, calorie free, life-sucking sparkling can of water)


Oh man do I love fizzy water. Bubbly texture as a substitute for calories? Fair trade in my book.

I'd vote for La Croix grapefruit over raspberry--because when a berry isn't sweet, you miss the sugar. Bleaghh. But when a grapefruit flavor is tangy, the world still seems right. Let us know what you decide to do about this very important problem!


Lil' Woman said...

I don't remember the Publix I went to looking like that :)

RAW said...

That stir fry looks good. Good for you for keeping up with the Insanity program. I would have quit by now--hah! :)

REBrown said...

The stir fry looks delicious - I don't blame you for inhaling it....i pretty much inhale everything I eat.

I've had the LaCroix lime before and it was pretty good. The grapefruit sounds good too.

I'm drinking the lime as we speak. I was addicted to Diet Pepsi and this is the only way I can stick to my ban on the stuff. It's fizzy and flavored and not just plain water. My favorite is the lime but lemon, orange and grapefruit are good, too. Don't like the cran raspberry or berry. Blargh. Um and the lime tastes really good with some Maker's Mark in it. Rum and mint taste good, too for a lower calorie mojito. Ya know, if you're into that sort of stuff.

Jenny said...

MMM!!! Rum and Mint with la Croix...I'm liking the sound of THAT!

I'm thinking, judging from your comments, I need to try the grapefruit and stay away from the berry.

Yum! La Croix and stir fry- making me hungry.

You are so all over the insanity - woo! The stirfry looks great, too. I don't know why but i've never liked sparkling water - i'm still all the way!

Meghan said...

Found your blog through the link-up! Loving it! Insanity is pretty wild, isn't it? :)

Alison G said...

I love LaCroix! Only I remember drinking it while in WI but not on the East Coast. Siiiiigh. How do you like the Insanity meal plan? I haven't tried it but am considering it when I go through my second round of the thing.

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